Update: 3/9/2018

Hi everyone,

I’m back with another update.

The new translator got fired after a disagreement over translation quality. I’m pretty understaffed as it is, so it’s hard for me to dedicate an editor to help him with his work. Plus, after looking at his method, just could not accept work of that quality.

I’m also currently facing a dilemma over the series Rebirth Junior High School

I just found out that it’s a novel published by Qidian and that creates some problems. I’m still trying to decide what to do, but there is a chance that I may have to drop the series :/

Update: 1/9/2018


Hi everyone ^^

I know I did say more chapters this week but so many things were happening in the background.

Trust me, I am just as anxious cause no publish means no views ;-;

The main reason for the delay is due to the expansion of the site.

Currently, there are 3 editors and 1 translator who have joined the site. You can check them out in the Staff List page though it’s still W.I.P

This means that future releases will feel more like stories. (I myself have no poetic sense so I’m really grateful for these people)

The new translator is working on Re:Zero Arc 6, so you can look forward to that too ^^

I’m also working on 2 more CN novels.

“How to raise a silver haired loli.”

“The insignificant me does not need a dazzling life.”

Hoping to get Chapter One of both stories out during the weekend.

Update: 28/8/2018

Hi everyone,

You might have realized the posts are now password protected.

There are 2 ways around this.

  1. You use the password [FishyTranslation] to access the chapter.
  2. You can navigate through the Table of Contents

Seems like I can start using WordAds when I get around 15k views, so you can expect more chapters this week ^^

Update: 25/8/2018

Update: 25/8/2018

This is really becoming a daily update, isn’t it? :/

I’ve received a comment saying that the white text messes with night mode plugins, so I’m adding Google Doc links to future uploads.

In other news, I managed to post my first unscheduled chapter and Patreon is finally getting to do some work.

After PMing the Novel Updates admins, I’ve finalised on my policy for “Unscheduled chapters”.

For $1, you get to see up to 10 chapters/parts ahead.

For $5, you get to see up to 25 chapters/parts ahead.

The moment I hit 25 chapters/parts or a week since the last bonus release, whichever is longer, I will post 5 chapters/parts.

This mainly to ensure that I can keep a stockpile as well as Novel Update not allowing more than 5 chapters on the front page. I recommend following my Patreon page to know when the newest chapters have dropped as I’m not allowed to post “Patreon Only” posts to Novel Updates.

Also, please do talk to me more.

Just a simple “Thank you” is enough to brighten my day and encourage me to work harder ^^

Update: 24/8/2018

Update: 24/8/2018

I swear I don’t intend to spam daily updates but given that this is all new to me, so a lot of changes are happening (Most of which is to improve your experience).

Like I promised, I got another part of OP Waifus out as compensation. It was also a test to see if the URL Shortener would disrupt the aggregator sites.

I’m glad to say it did.

That said, I monitored the comments and I realised that some people felt that the ads were too annoying.

Unfortunately, until proven otherwise, the URL Shortener works and will be here to stay.

However, I did say that the quality of your experience is my greatest concern so I did up a Table of Contents in a google document and linked it to the website. You can find it in the announcement portion of the sidebar. All of them are direct links ^^

I’ll be working on the bonus Rebirth chapter soon. (Maybe tomorrow)

If you want to support me, you can either PayPal me, become a Patreon or just go through the URL Shorteners.

I hope some advertisers will accept me soon :V

Update 2:

Popads approved me. You will see ads with at least a 5 minutes gap between each. Please bear with me ;-;

Have a good day,


Update: 23/8/2018

Update: 23/8/2018

Hi everyone,

You might have realised that all the posts had their links replaced with a URL Shortener.

Please put down the torches and pitchforks first alright?

After chatting with my fellow translators, I came to know about aggregator sites, sites that steal your work and repost them. Not a fun thing considering I’ve already lost 10k views for “Rebirth Junior High School” to one site alone.

Hence, I’ll be adding URL Shortener links to the posts to counter them. The normal links at the bottom of the translation page will remain as per usual.

Additionally, I might be replacing a few lines in my future releases with a screenshot of said lines. This is also a measure against those sites.

Like I’ve said, I want to have a fair relationship, so in view of this development, I’ll add one chapter/part to this week’s quota.

Thank you all for reading and understanding this. Do look forward to the bonus chapters ^^

Updates: 22/8/2018

Updates: Admin stuff cleared (I think)

The blog just recently came up, so there are A LOT of things that I had to set up and settle.

#1 Asianhobbyist

I resigned from Asianhobbyist after 2 weeks of translating for them. Turns out I wanted to be more in control. (There are more reasons, but I’ll stay clear of them here)

As a result, I will be translating “Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess” (CN). This is a relatively easy one for me to do (Mainly cause it is Chinese) so I will be working on during the weekdays.

This said, I was getting paid to translate for that site, and now I’m not, so I’ll have to figure out how to get ads running. Any tips here will be really helpful ^^

#2 OP Waifus

You probably know that OP Waifu is a JP Web Novel, and that means I’m relatively slow compared to CN translations. The process is also a lot more complex, which means that translations will have to be largely done during the weekends.

You might have also realised that the chapter is split into parts. That’s mainly because the original chapter is already long (7k characters), so I don’t want to keep on holding onto the chapter without updates. (And I need to rack up views to qualify for ads :v)

Part 2 was 1.5k characters long and that took me the entire afternoon :/

#3 Patreon/Schedules

I’ll say first that I won’t be dropping series too easily cause I’ve got this issue about feeling overtly bad about inconveniencing others, so don’t worry about that. (This is partially why I’m continuing “Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess”)

That said, I’m a pretty irregular guy that has a patience issue. When I promised a 2 chapter per week schedule on Asianhobbyist, I ended up doing 5. Add that to the fact that I can’t bear holding onto unpublished translations.

Hence, I’ll be dumping any chapter past the current quota on Patreon. (Please don’t hurt me ;-;) Let me know if the pricing feels unreasonable. (Please don’t flood my email, just reply to my comment below)

So the current schedule would be as followed:

Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess: 2 chapters a week

OP Waifus: 1 part per week (Around 1-2k characters from raw)

I might have to revise the schedule eventually, still testing out how much I can handle.

#4 Possible addition

I saw a CN novel on Qidian and it was quite appealing to me, so I kinda wanna pick it up, but I’ve heard Qidian forcing translators to join them by pressing DMCA. That would mean a fixed AND unsustainable schedule (5 chapters per week)

That’s all for this time’s update. Thank you all for you attention and have a great week ahead ^^