Updates: 22/8/2018

Updates: Admin stuff cleared (I think)

The blog just recently came up, so there are A LOT of things that I had to set up and settle.

#1 Asianhobbyist

I resigned from Asianhobbyist after 2 weeks of translating for them. Turns out I wanted to be more in control. (There are more reasons, but I’ll stay clear of them here)

As a result, I will be translating “Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess” (CN). This is a relatively easy one for me to do (Mainly cause it is Chinese) so I¬†will be working on during the weekdays.

This said, I was getting paid to translate for that site, and now I’m not, so I’ll have to figure out how to get ads running. Any tips here will be really helpful ^^

#2 OP Waifus

You probably know that OP Waifu is a JP Web Novel, and that means I’m relatively slow compared to CN translations. The process is also a lot more complex, which means that translations will have to be largely done during the weekends.

You might have also realised that the chapter is split into parts. That’s mainly because the original chapter is already long (7k characters), so I don’t want to keep on holding onto the chapter without updates. (And I need to rack up views to qualify for ads :v)

Part 2 was 1.5k characters long and that took me the entire afternoon :/

#3 Patreon/Schedules

I’ll say first that I won’t be dropping series too easily cause I’ve got this issue about feeling overtly bad about inconveniencing others, so don’t worry about that. (This is partially why I’m continuing “Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess”)

That said, I’m a pretty irregular guy that has a patience issue. When I promised a 2 chapter per week schedule on Asianhobbyist, I ended up doing 5. Add that to the fact that I can’t bear holding onto unpublished translations.

Hence, I’ll be dumping any chapter past the current quota on Patreon. (Please don’t hurt me ;-;) Let me know if the pricing feels unreasonable. (Please don’t flood my email, just reply to my comment below)

So the current schedule would be as followed:

Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess: 2 chapters a week

OP Waifus: 1 part per week (Around 1-2k characters from raw)

I might have to revise the schedule eventually, still testing out how much I can handle.

#4 Possible addition

I saw a CN novel on Qidian and it was quite appealing to me, so I kinda wanna pick it up, but I’ve heard Qidian forcing translators to join them by pressing DMCA. That would mean a fixed AND unsustainable schedule (5 chapters per week)

That’s all for this time’s update. Thank you all for you attention and have a great week ahead ^^

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