Being Able to Edit Skills in Another World, I Gained OP Waifus – Chapter 18 Part 2

OP Waifus – [Chapter 18 Part 2]

Hi everyone ^^

Here’s part 2 of Chapter 18.

Like Part 1, I faced quite a fair bit of trouble in the process, but I managed to get more help from various people.

1. The Translators’ Discord

I got invited to a Discord for Translators. Got to know a lot of things, some about the translating scene, some tips about publishing. Most importantly, I could go and ask them for help, so those big chunks of text that stall my progress were cleared a lot quicker.

2. My Japanese friends

Thank god I sold my soul back then to participate in those hosting programmes earlier this year XD

They offered to help me out if I had problems understanding the raws. #Nakama Power

One last thing before you go. Please take some time to read the update post that will be sent out shortly after this. It will provide more insight into the current situation as well as update schedules and things like that.

Now, go ahead and enjoy the chapter ^^

LinkAd (Support Us): [Chapter 18 Part 2]

Direct: [Chapter 18 Part 2]

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