Update: 23/8/2018

Update: 23/8/2018

Hi everyone,

You might have realised that all the posts had their links replaced with a URL Shortener.

Please put down the torches and pitchforks first alright?

After chatting with my fellow translators, I came to know about aggregator sites, sites that steal your work and repost them. Not a fun thing considering I’ve already lost 10k views for “Rebirth Junior High School” to one site alone.

Hence, I’ll be adding URL Shortener links to the posts to counter them. The normal links at the bottom of the translation page will remain as per usual.

Additionally, I might be replacing a few lines in my future releases with a screenshot of said lines. This is also a measure against those sites.

Like I’ve said, I want to have a fair relationship, so in view of this development, I’ll add one chapter/part to this week’s quota.

Thank you all for reading and understanding this. Do look forward to the bonus chapters ^^

5 thoughts on “Update: 23/8/2018

  1. URL shortened links won't work unless I enable JavaScript and complete a captcha. No thanks.The rumored sidebar / Table of Contents is not visible to me. Maybe you want me to enable more scripts? No thanks.As hated as aggregator sites are by most translators, they provide a useful backup for novels, particularly when Blogger sites like this one disappear or novels get taken down in response to DMCA notices. Your anti-aggregator measures are asinine, and your plan to replace lines with a screenshot is even worse. Don't you already have a Patreon? Just put a message within the chapter pointing that out, so that it gets copied by the aggregators.In short, I'll put down the pitchfork and try to use the torch to burn this site down unless it is made convenient.


  2. Reading the other updates, I see that you don't plan to get rid of the shortener, and you're an Asian Hobbyist refugee, which explains how you've come up with such annoying inconveniences in your attempt to scrape for every last penny.I'd advise you to get rid of the nuisances for the sake of your users, and focus on advertising your Patreon. In the meantime, I'll see about submitting your content directly to the aggregator sites. For everyone's benefit, I'm sure you understand.


  3. Considering that I've added the white texts, I don't actually need the shortened links any more. They're gone now. And since pop ads are annoying, those are gone now too.But I'm going to leave you with this. Since I'm really here cause it's a hobby, quitting is always an option.


  4. Yeah. It's all about balance for me. I really don't need the money, so the URL shortener was just to counter aggregator sites.That said, I am human, so more money does become motivation too.


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