Update: 30/11/2020


It has been over a year since the last update

I can’t remember when was the last time I checked the comments

The menu was also fked up for who knows how long

I know the schedule is a joke at this point

What I’m really trying to say is…


Edit: There’s 1 more minute till tomorrow so I’m legally allowed to do this.

I feel like there’s this struggle between being literal and helping the story flow better when translating.

Every now and then I try to put out as literal of a translation as I can but I feel like the story doesn’t vibe as well. Yet, when I try to deliver the emotions and plot of the story, I feel like I’m not doing the right thing. In the end, if I were to put myself into a reader’s shoes, I would personally prefer a smooth flowing story then something that feels awkward, so I guess flow over being literal I guess.

If anyone gets trigger, ping me and hope I notice I guess. Guh.

Update: 30/7/2019 (URL Change)


Ok, so admin stuff happened and the new url this site will be using is fishytranslation.blog

fishytranslation.com will no longer work in about a month or so.

Shrug, the other things should remain the same.

And I’m trying out the block editor on WordPress. Let’s me put ads more effectively apparently :ThonkS:

Update: 17/12/2018

So it’s time for another update.

Due to the increase in real life commitments, I’ll be less active.

I still enjoy OP Waifus, so I’ll work on it slowly when I have time.

I’ll be taking back the Rebirth Junior High School series cause it’s easy to translate that with the travel time that I have.

That’ll be all for now, have a good day.

Update: 10/11/2018

Hi everyone ^^ This is an update for Rebirth Junior High School.


I’ve found a friend of mine who is willing to translate the series. He’s doing it mostly for the money, but as long as the chapters come, it doesn’t really affect you lmao XD

As for my translations… I’ve decided to pass them to him as it’ll be better if everything is on one site anyways. (Same thought as when I moved from AsianHobbyist)

Anyways, I’ve helped him set up his site and the rest will be up to him.


Link: [Chapter 14]

Update: 5/11/2018

Oh well, it’s been a long time since I’ve done an update.

Anyways, when I started out this site, I made some dumb mistakes.

The most glaring one being taking on 4 series all at once.

So to address that, here are the plans for the future.


How to Raise a Silver-Haired Loli

This series will go on as per usual.


OP Waifus

Same goes for this series.


The Pitiful Me Does Not Need a Dazzling Life

This one is going on hiatus. I’ll get to it when I have more free time, but it might take until next year :v


Rebirth Junior High School

I’ll be dropping this series. The length of the novel and the fact that it’s by Qidian makes it too risky to TL. Sorry guys :/ Can’t handle the risk of hosting it on my site. If anyone wants to pick it up or host it, do contact me.
That’s all for the update. I’m gonna sleep now :/

Update: 10/9/2018


Not Fishy: Guess who is a genius and messed up his exam schedule?

Fishy: …

Not Fishy: Who thought that the exams were still 1 month away?

Fishy: …

Not Fishy: Who found out that the exams are actually 1 week away?


Well, yeah, school started today and I realised that my exams start next Monday, there some gaps here and there so I’ll be away for about 2 weeks to a month. I’ll be back after that and then I can focus on translating.

Please wait for me ;-;