Update: 1/9/2018


Hi everyone ^^

I know I did say more chapters this week but so many things were happening in the background.

Trust me, I am just as anxious cause no publish means no views ;-;

The main reason for the delay is due to the expansion of the site.

Currently, there are 3 editors and 1 translator who have joined the site. You can check them out in the Staff List page though it’s still W.I.P

This means that future releases will feel more like stories. (I myself have no poetic sense so I’m really grateful for these people)

The new translator is working on Re:Zero Arc 6, so you can look forward to that too ^^

I’m also working on 2 more CN novels.

“How to raise a silver haired loli.”

“The insignificant me does not need a dazzling life.”

Hoping to get Chapter One of both stories out during the weekend.

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