Update: 25/8/2018

Update: 25/8/2018

This is really becoming a daily update, isn’t it? :/

I’ve received a comment saying that the white text messes with night mode plugins, so I’m adding Google Doc links to future uploads.

In other news, I managed to post my first unscheduled chapter and Patreon is finally getting to do some work.

After PMing the Novel Updates admins, I’ve finalised on my policy for “Unscheduled chapters”.

For $1, you get to see up to 10 chapters/parts ahead.

For $5, you get to see up to 25 chapters/parts ahead.

The moment I hit 25 chapters/parts or a week since the last bonus release, whichever is longer, I will post 5 chapters/parts.

This mainly to ensure that I can keep a stockpile as well as Novel Update not allowing more than 5 chapters on the front page. I recommend following my┬áPatreon page to know when the newest chapters have dropped as I’m not allowed to post “Patreon Only” posts to Novel Updates.

Also, please do talk to me more.

Just a simple “Thank you” is enough to brighten my day and encourage me to work harder ^^

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