Update: 24/8/2018

Update: 24/8/2018

I swear I don’t intend to spam daily updates but given that this is all new to me, so a lot of changes are happening (Most of which is to improve your experience).

Like I promised, I got another part of OP Waifus out as compensation. It was also a test to see if the URL Shortener would disrupt the aggregator sites.

I’m glad to say it did.

That said, I monitored the comments and I realised that some people felt that the ads were too annoying.

Unfortunately, until proven otherwise, the URL Shortener works and will be here to stay.

However, I did say that the quality of your experience is my greatest concern so I did up a Table of Contents in a google document and linked it to the website. You can find it in the announcement portion of the sidebar. All of them are direct links ^^

I’ll be working on the bonus Rebirth chapter soon. (Maybe tomorrow)

If you want to support me, you can either PayPal me, become a Patreon or just go through the URL Shorteners.

I hope some advertisers will accept me soon :V

Update 2:

Popads approved me. You will see ads with at least a 5 minutes gap between each. Please bear with me ;-;

Have a good day,


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