Reborn Wife Is Invincible [Chapter 9]


Chapter 9: Women’s Talk


The Luo Family was a big family with four generations living together. They were involved in military affairs, political affairs, commerce, and the mafia. Luo Yoo was the youngest generation and the generation that was adored the most. Her family members and others would always jokingly call her the princess of the Luo Family. Although the Luo Family members were all extremely busy, they doted on Luo Yoo.

Luo Yoo’s mother, Su Yin, had personally visited Luo Yoo the night she returned to her house. Her mother had also come to visit her when she was staying in the hospital, but as her mother was a previous top celebrity that had retired from the entertainment circle as well as a professional philanthropist who was in charge of a worldwide charitable foundation, she had to fly around the whole world, thus she was too busy and could only come to visit her once in a while despite loving her daughter dearly.

The mother-daughter pair talked for a while, with Luo Yoo’s mother complaining that Luo Yoo did not return to the Luo Family Mansion to rest and Luo Yoo explaining that her house was closer to school and thus more convenient as she wanted to go back to school soon. Su Yin was extremely astonished and she wondered when did her daughter become this well-behaved, even thinking of going to school with an injury. This did not seem like something Luo Yoo would do at all so Su Yin could not help but tease her. Luo Yoo did not explain, she just smiled innocently, so the both of them started smiling. Their atmosphere was extremely harmonious, they were not like mother and daughter, instead, they were more like friends.

Su Yin was also an extremely famous top celebrity when she was young. Even if she had retired from the entertainment circle, there were still many people discussing her, and news about her could still be frequently seen. Luo Yoo’s decision to enter the entertainment industry was also influenced by her mother. After being reborn, she made the same decision once again, thus it was also time to have a chat with her mother.

“Mum, I plan to agree to aunt’s suggestion of entering the entertainment circle, you’ll support me right?” What Luo Yoo said was exactly the same as in her memories.

Su Yin was slightly shocked, but she quickly revealed her support for her by saying, “If it is a girl from a normal family, I would definitely not agree as I know how chaotic and complicated the entertainment circle is, it is something normal people can’t even begin to imagine. However, if it is you, naturally there’s no problem. I believe there’s no problem no matter what you do.”

With her background, appearance, and intellect, there would be no problem no matter which career Luo Yoo wanted to pursue, Su Yin would not worry at all. After all, Luo Yoo’s aunt was the boss of an entertainment company and the Su Family had unimaginably strong forces in the mafia. Furthermore, with the power and influence the Luo and Su Family held on the surface, those who still dared to provoke Luo Yoo probably did not want their lives anymore.

“Thank you, mum, I’ll do my best.” Luo Yoo was a prideful person, yet she was very serious at the same time. As long as she set her heart on something, she would do it to the best. Since she had chosen the same path again, it was a must for her to reach a higher peak than before.

In the next few days, Luo Yoo obediently stayed at home and rested. Ye Yunchen would report to Luo Yoo’s house punctually from nine to five and eat all three meals at her house. Aunt Yu and her other servant, Sister Zhu, would tease Luo Yoo, asking her to directly let Ye Yunchen move into her house since there’s still an empty guest room.

There were three bedrooms, two living rooms, and a study room in Luo Yoo’s home. Aunt Yu and Sister Zhu stayed in a room and they would take turns to take care of Luo Yoo. Naturally, Ye Yunchen wholeheartedly hoped that he could stay here, but Luo Yoo did not speak about this matter, hence, he could only keep silent.

Ye Yunchen was the illegitimate child of the Ye Family, but he had been brought back to the Ye Family when he was young after his mother had died. He had lived in the Ye Family for many years, hence, he could be counted as a true Ye Family’s young master. Normally, others did not even know of this history and Ye Yunchen had wanted to move out of the Ye Family, but that suggestion was rejected by his father. The reason for this was that he was too young and he would need to wait until at least university to move out, hence Ye Yunchen kept on living in the Ye family.

Meanwhile, Ye Yunchen’s habit of not going back home recently had naturally been known by the members of the Ye Family. Ye Yunchen did not hide anything and directly said that he was taking care of Luo Yoo in the hospital. To that, the reaction of the Ye Family was quite complicated. Ye Yunchen’s father was in total approval of his actions whereas Ye Yunchen’s mother, in name only, had a pale expression on her face. The faces of his nominal brother and sister were filled with obvious mockery, as if saying he had played up to the Luo Family again. Although the difference between the Ye Family and Luo Family was not much, the Ye Family was still lacking as compared to the Luo Family as the difference was still there, not to mention the fact that Ye Yunchen was still considered as a shameful, illegitimate child in their eyes.

Ye Yunchen did not mind them at all. After all, the cold Ye Family would only make him feel disgusted. If he could live with Luo Yoo, he would willingly sever all relationships with the Ye Family. However, Luo Yoo did not say anything, so he was disappointed and could only give up on such a thought.

Luo Yoo saw Ye Yunchen’s reaction and had also understood what Ye Yunchen wanted, but she was still hesitating to let Ye Yunchen live with her. She could leave a spot for Ye Yunchen beside her, but that did not mean she had completely accepted Ye Yunchen. With her mentality now, it was not easy for her to fall in love with a guy. She had accepted Ye Yunchen’s feelings towards her, but as for what kind of feelings she held for Ye Yunchen, maybe even she did not know herself.

She might have been moved by him, felt happiness, and put her trust in him, but she did not love him, at least not for now. Thus, she could not allow him to live in her house now. A woman’s house is a woman’s heart, once someone comes into her house, it means she has put that person in her heart. However, as to whether that person can stay, other factors were required to ascertain.

Ye Yunchen was slightly disappointed but not discouraged, and still came to her house on time every day no matter the weather. He was a man of few words so even though he wanted to accompany Luo Yoo by talking to her, he did not know what to say. Even though he had been with her since she was young, he was still slightly nervous, thus, all the more, he did not know what to say. He could only sit beside her quietly. Sometimes he would read books, sometimes he would look at Luo Yoo, sometimes he would be thinking about some things. Day after day passed, just like that. 

Luo Yoo was also a person of few words. She might be arrogant, but she was quiet too. Furthermore, since she had trouble moving around currently, what she spent the most time doing every day was reading books — high school textbooks.

Her memory of high school was, in reality, 10 years ago. If not for Luo Yoo having a good enough memory, she might have to learn the high school curriculum all over again. Since, in university, the amount of knowledge used which was learned in high school was simply too little. Thus, if it was an ordinary person, most likely they would have forgotten it all.

Luo Yoo was reading the textbooks to prepare for lessons in advance. In just a few days, she had finished reading all the first-year textbooks and Ye Yunchen was also reading alongside her, so their progress was similar. These two geniuses knew each other well since young, so it was nothing out of the ordinary for them. Thus, even without words, their time together was very harmonious, maybe this was also a kind of tacit understanding.

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