Reborn Wife Is Invincible [Chapter 8]


Chapter 8: Leave A Spot For You


Ye Yunchen carrying Luo Yoo out the hospital had attracted the attention of a few reporters but once they saw that the both of them were just children, and the fact Luo Yoo had a casted foot, they paid no more attention. Meanwhile, Ye Yunchen carried Luo Yoo directly to the car, the poor wheelchair abandoned at the hospital.

Ye Yunchen was the illegitimate child of the Ye Family but in fact, he had already been acknowledged and returned to the Ye Family. Although he was unwelcome in the Ye Family, the Ye Family was also one of the top among the rich and influential families. Thus, the identity of the young master of Ye Family was quite useful, at least the basic necessities, such as clothing, food, housing and transportation, provided for him were the same as other members of the Ye Family. Even his car costs seven digits and for people such as him and Luo Yoo, who were from influential families, they could drive freely even if they were underage and did not have a driver’s license.

Luo Yoo and Aunt Yu sat in the back seat while Ye Yunchen drove. He would occasionally look to the back through the rearview mirror. From his angle, he could just nicely see Luo Yoo resting with her eyes closed, she was elegant and quiet, but also gave off a cold feeling. Ye Yunchen could even sense a bit of pressure from her which made him have the urge to submit himself under her.

“Look at the road, don’t look at me. I don’t want to go back to the hospital after just getting out of it,” said Luo Yoo with her eyes still closed. She could confirm that that man’s eyes were on her, that kind of devoted and passionate look could not be mistaken for anyone else.

“Sorry.” Ye Yunchen awkwardly looked back to the road. He adjusted his posture and started to concentrate on driving. He also did not want any accidents to happen but as long as Luo Yoo was present, his eyes or his attention could not help but fall on her. That kind of feeling was so strong it was like taking drugs, it was irresistible.

Aunt Yu looked at the both of them from the side and her expression turned even more amiable. She could sense that young miss seemed to be slightly different, as compared to the arrogant her in the past, seeming to have become more calm and reserved. From Aunt Yu’s point of view, she felt that this car accident was a blessing in disguise, especially after seeing how Luo Yoo and Ye Yunchen were getting along. Aunt Yu could not help but exclaim that the young miss had really grown up, there’s even guys liking her now.

Luo Yoo’s house was quite close to the school. Although it was not the best flat, it was relatively good. The whole building had 18 floors and Luo Yoo lived on the 18th floor. It was good that there were lifts or else Luo Yoo might not be able to climb up to the 18th floor even after a month with her casted leg.

It was Ye Yunchen’s first time coming to Luo Yoo’s house, he had been to the Luo Family Mansion several times, but this was a place that Luo Yoo had moved to in high school. Thus, even though Ye Yunchen knew where it was, he had never been in here before. As to why Ye Yunchen knew its location, only Ye Yunchen himself would know the answer. He would take note of all information regarding Luo Yoo all the time or else he would not have called that soon after Luo Yoo’s car accident.

Ye Yunchen carried Luo Yoo up to her house after stopping the car. The tip of his ears were secretly red. Luo Yoo saw this and she thought to herself, Why didn’t I realize that this man would get embarrassed so easily in the past?

There were a few people who looked like students in the lift and they automatically gave them space upon seeing the three of them enter the lift. However, when they noticed that it was Luo Yoo and Ye Yunchen, their expression instantly turned weird.

The school where Luo Yoo and Ye Yunchen studied at, Xing Yu Academy, was quite a famous school. It had an integrated education program, which meant one could study from kindergarten all the way to university, and was counted as the best private school in the nation. Most children with status or background would graduate from this school and this housing estate was the closest to this school, thus most of the people living inside were students.

Although Luo Yoo and Ye Yunchen had just entered the first year of high school, they had been famous since kindergarten. Especially after Luo Yoo had finished shooting that advertisement, almost the whole school, including the teachers, knew Luo Yoo. Meanwhile, Ye Yunchen’s identity was special as he had followed beside Luo Yoo for many years. In addition, he was handsome and his grades were extremely good, so he, too, became famous. Currently, the sight of Luo Yoo being carried by Ye Yunchen into the lift made their jaws drop from shock.

Luo Yoo had naturally sensed how abnormal those few people were and immediately understood why after thinking for a moment. As she frowned and glanced at those few people coldly, they immediately lowered their heads and did not dare to look at her anymore.

Luo Yoo’s arrogance developed from young and even her demeanor was accumulated from many years of hardship. At the age of 15, she had 25 years of experience, thus she was elegant, dignified and had the aura of a queen. Thus, even if her leg was in a cast and she was carried by a man, she still remained noble and gave off an overbearing demeanor; this was not something a few 10+ years old kids could endure.

Ye Yunchen, who had his attention fully on Luo Yoo, naturally saw such a scene. His eyes lit up even more brightly and his heartbeat increased. He just loved such a queenly aura coming from Luo Yoo. He would always feel the impulse to kneel beside her feet every time he saw her like this.

Ye Yunchen’s change in that instant was also perceived by Luo Yoo. Ye Yunchen’s body had stiffened, his breathing became slightly faster and his eyes which looked at her became more passionate. Luo Yoo could sense this change in Ye Yunchen, but she was extremely puzzled as to why. She had only glanced at those few people, was it possible that something else happened that she was unaware of?

Luo Yoo looked at Ye Yunchen curiously, feeling as though this man was suppressing something within his burning gaze.

On the 18th floor, Ye Yunchen carried Luo Yoo into her room. In that instant, Ye Yunchen and Luo Yoo both had a weird feeling, why did this scene resemble a groom carrying the bride into the bridal chamber?

After Luo Yoo returned home, Ye Yunchen had no reason to stay beside her anymore as there were two servants taking care of Luo Yoo there. Ye Yunchen left reluctantly after eating dinner, but before he left, he still asked carefully, “Yoo, can I come to visit you?”

“You can.” Luo Yoo did not dislike Ye Yunchen staying beside her. This man was actually very quiet and obedient. With him beside her, she would also feel a sense of security, just like she was being protected by a large, fierce and loyal dog, such a feeling was not bad.

“Then, can I come tomorrow?” Ye Yunchen continued asking, his eyes filled with anticipation as he looked at Luo Yoo.

Luo Yoo was also looking at Ye Yunchen, her originally indifferent eyes turned serious, and she spoke slowly, “I don’t like you doing anything you shouldn’t be doing behind my back. As long as you don’t touch my bottom line, I can always leave a spot for you beside me, do you understand me?”

Ye Yunchen nodded his head vigorously in ecstasy, he naturally understood what Luo Yoo meant. Wasn’t such a promise something he had been anticipating the whole time! As for those things he should not do, how would he dare to repeat the same mistake with this lesson learnt?

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