Reborn Wife Is Invincible [Chapter 7]


Chapter 7: Stubborn Man


Seeing this man kneeling in front of her devoutly, Luo Yoo was shocked. She knew that this man was infatuated with her, so much so that he was willing to obey any orders from her. However, she had never known that she actually held such an unbelievable position in this man’s heart. 

I am his queen? No matter if it was in the past or even the present, she was still as such. She had always stood at the top proudly, even if she had fallen miserably in the end, this would not change!

She had her pride that would not be given up even after her death! In this life, she had already decided to be more outstanding and dazzling than her previous life. She definitely would not allow herself to experience such a tragic ending ever again.

“The higher I go, there would be more people adoring me, aren’t you afraid that others might snatch me away?” Luo Yoo asked jokingly but looked straight at Ye Yunchen, wanting to see clearly just what reaction this man would have.

Ye Yunchen’s expression instantly turned strange, it was a kind of face that looked like he wanted to ask something but he was too embarrassed to speak.

“Say whatever you want,” reminded Luo Yoo.

Ye Yunchen then replied in a lonely tone, “You do not belong to me, so how can you be snatched from me.”

She had never belonged to him so he could not lose her, at most, he was only her pursuer so how could he deserve the word “snatch”.

Luo Yoo had the urge to hit someone’s head, of course, Ye Yunchen’s head. Where did this man’s domineering aura when he was threatening her pursuers go, why does he have such low self-esteem in front of her? Was it because she made him suffer too many blows to his confidence or was the distance between them really this far?

Luo Yoo thought for a moment and felt that both guesses were not very good. Ultimately, it was still because this man’s mentality was originally different from normal people thus, she felt resigned but felt pity for Ye Yunchen too. 

Although it might be weird that she’s taking pity on a guy, her feelings were just this strange currently.

The two of them did not continue the topic as the doctor had come to make his rounds. Seeing that there was a guy and a girl in the ward, he gave them a knowing look. It was obvious he had thought of them as a couple as they looked very suitable for each other.

The doctor came and went, and the atmosphere in the ward suddenly quietened down. Although Luo Yoo was looking at the television, she seemed to be thinking of something. Similarly, Ye Yunchen was also watching the television, but all of his attention was on Luo Yoo. He did not know what Luo Yoo would think of what he had said just now. What he said were all his true thoughts from the bottom of his heart, however, he still believed that even if Luo Yoo did not enter the entertainment circle, she would still always be the one and only unparalleled queen to him.

Luo Yoo stayed in the hospital for half a month and the Luo Family members had come to see her in the meantime. After knowing that she had been driving under the influence of alcohol, they could not hold back and scolded her a little since she was still underage. If not for the Luo Family, she would not be resting in bed this peacefully.

Meanwhile, besides the Luo Family, a few of her classmates had also visited, especially Xu Qiong, who had frequented the ward. Each time Luo Yoo saw Xu Qiong, her expression would darken even more. Either Xu Qiong did not have eyes or there was something wrong with her IQ, she just ignored the disgust in Luo Yoo’s eyes.

On the other hand, the good thing was that the man she wanted to kill with her own hands did not appear. That was because this man was training in the army, being unable to even go for lessons, not to mention coming to visit her. However, he did call her a few times, but she did not pick up. 

Meanwhile, in this half a month, Ye Yunchen stayed with her in the ward, helping Aunt Yu take care of her. Luo Yoo’s attitude towards Ye Yunchen was not bad either, and this made Ye Yunchen seem extremely lively, the gloomy atmosphere surrounding Ye Yunchen completely disappearing.

Luo Yoo’s leg needed at least three months rest before it could fully heal. After staying in the hospital for half a month, Luo Yoo really hated how full the hospital was, so she returned home to rest. The Luo Family wanted her to return to the Luo Family Mansion as it would be more convenient to take care of her. However, Luo Yoo insisted on going back to her small flat near the school. Although Luo Family Mansion was huge, it was not a very comfortable place. Her family might love her dearly, but each of them was busier than the other and did not have much time to spend on her. Not to mention, her enemy in her memories was also there. She was sick now so she really did not want to deal with those things she loathed!

After Luo Yoo’s stuff in the ward was packed and the hospital discharge procedure was completed, Aunt Yu took her things and left first. The ward was left with just Luo Yoo and Ye Yunchen. Luo Yoo was silent but the tip of Ye Yunchen’s ears was red.

“I-I will carry you down,” stuttered Ye Yunchen. He did not really dare to look at Luo Yoo. Although he had already carried her many times, he was still embarrassed, such a close contact with Luo Yoo was a sweet torture to him.

Luo Yoo raised her brows and looked at the wheelchair which had been ignored for so long, is he already addicted to carrying me?

“Let’s use the wheelchair.”

After hearing Luo Yoo’s words, Ye Yunchen revealed a disappointed expression but obediently pushed the wheelchair to her. He helped her sit on it before pushing her out of the hospital.

Just as the both of them reached the lobby, their expression turned serious.

“What’s going on?” The entrance to the lobby was surrounded by reporters. Who knows which unlucky person they were trying to catch. Luo Yoo thought helplessly. There was no such scene in her memory, looks like many things have changed.

Ye Yunchen pulled Luo Yoo’s wheelchair back a few steps and hid themselves in the corner. Although Luo Yoo only shot one advertisement, she was still counted as a celebrity, so it was not suitable for her to be in front of the camera with such an image.

“How about we leave from the back door?” Ye Yunchen probed, but from his tone, it could be heard that he seemed to be unwilling to do so.

Ye Yunchen was weirdly stubborn on things regarding Luo Yoo. He felt that leaving from the back door was not something Luo Yoo should do. Even in such a special situation, he still felt like it was doing Luo Yoo wrong.

Luo Yoo did not know what Ye Yunchen was thinking, or else she would have called him “pervert” again. Ye Yunchen’s trail of thought was really weird, how many people would think this way normally?

However, after thinking for a moment, Luo Yoo decided not to leave from the back door. They had already walked here, hence it would be too much of a waste of time if they went to the back door then headed to the carpark. Therefore, in the next moment, Luo Yoo looked at Ye Yunchen.

“Carry me out.” Anyway, it was fine as long as the reporters did not discover her identity, so she just needed to cover her face.

Ye Yunchen’s body stiffened for a moment before nodding seriously and saying, “Okay.”

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