Reborn Wife Is Invincible [Chapter 6]


Chapter 6: What He Hopes


Luo Yoo needed to stay in the hospital for a period of time after the car accident as she had fractured her leg. Thus, she naturally needed someone to take care of the miscellaneous things for her, such as her clothes and food. Although Ye Yunchen would follow all her orders obediently and was caring and considerate, he was still a man in the end. There were many things that were inconvenient for him to do, so at night, Luo Yoo called over their family’s servant  Aunt Yu and she brought some necessities needed.

Since high school, Luo Yoo had moved out and bought a three-bedroom flat near her school. Luo Family had also given her two servants, one of them being Aunt Yu. She was extremely familiar with Luo Yoo’s habits, so when she saw that Ye Yunchen was actually in the ward, she was quite surprised. However, it was good that she was a person of few words as she immediately started to tidy and clean everything up. She even helped Luo Yoo take a simple bath. Although Luo Yoo didn’t like others touching her, an exception was made for this time.

At night, Aunt Yu thought that she should stay to take care of Luo Yoo so she told Ye Yunchen, “Young master Ye, the sky is already dark so you should hurry home soon. I’ll take good care of young miss so you don’t need to worry.”

Aunt Yu had taken care of Luo Yoo since young so she also knew slightly of the relationship between the both of them, thus she was not unfamiliar with him.

Naturally, Ye Yunchen wanted to reject, but before rejecting he still looked at Luo Yoo, asking for her opinion with his eyes. He was thinking, if Luo Yoo also wanted him to leave he would definitely not be able to stay.

Luo Yoo sensed Ye Yunchen’s meaning, so after thinking for a moment, she said, “Aunt Yu, you go back first and bring me breakfast tomorrow morning.”

Aunt Yu was slightly astonished and looked at Ye Yunchen with a puzzled expression, before staring at Luo Yoo. Afterwards, she revealed an enlightened expression and replied ambiguously, “Yes yes yes, I’ll go now, young miss has really grown.”

Aunt Yu’s words instantly made Ye Yunchen embarrassed. Luo Yoo raised her brows, but she did not agree nor disagree.

After Aunt Yu left, the atmosphere in the room seemed to be a little awkward. Luo Yoo thought for a moment before saying, “On the television, it’s still early and I can’t sleep.”

Naturally, a VIP ward lacked nothing so Ye Yunchen turned on the television and placed the remote beside Luo Yoo’s hands before sitting back onto the sofa. There was a blanket folded on the sofa which Aunt Yu had asked from a nurse before she left. As the sofa was big enough, Ye Yunchen would not be too uncomfortable sleeping on it.

Luo Yoo played with the remote, flipping through the channels. Suddenly, she stopped at a certain channel and her expression turned complicated. 

Currently, an advertisement was being played on the television. It was the first advertisement she had shot. Truthfully, she did not have any thoughts of entering the entertainment circle and never thought that she would shoot any advertisement. Her aunt was the boss of an entertainment company and her uncle was the president of an electronic company, hence, her uncle would always ask her to try out the new products first. Meanwhile, the celebrity endorsing the handphone would always be from her aunt’s entertainment company. She had gone to find her aunt after she graduated from junior high and chanced upon them discussing the question of advertisement endorsement. Then, as they spoke, the topic suddenly went to her. After discussing, she had miraculously become the ambassador of her uncle’s company and this thus led to her shooting such a handphone advertisement.

The background of this handphone advertisement was in school. Luo Yoo wore a custom-made uniform and walked around in school while her long hair fluttered in the wind. Her handphone was as white as snow, and was elegant with a tinge of cuteness. The phone rang crisply, and Luo Yoo lifted her head slightly as she received the call. After saying something under the sun, she revealed a sweet smile and the scene froze there. It triggered countless associations, and thus this handphone was sought after by countless boys and girls at that time, making Luo Yoo slightly famous.

Only slightly more than a month had passed after she finished shooting for this advertisement but in reality, it had already been 10 years. This was an extremely important turning point in her life. It could be said that if not for this accidental endorsement, she might not have entered the entertainment circle. However, now that she had been reborn, she hesitated on whether or not to re-enter this complicated circle.

“Yoo, I heard that quite a few directors want to cast you in dramas and movies, would you do it?” Ye Yunchen looked at the Luo Yoo on the screen, mesmerised. Luo Yoo was the most perfect female lead in his heart, she was a princess he needed to protect and also a queen whom he admired and worshipped with all his heart.

“What do you think?” Luo Yoo asked curiously. The Luo Family was rich and influential, had people in politics, military and commerce, and did not have strict requirements towards the younger generation. Thus, even if she had chosen to enter the entertainment industry, her family would most likely support her. However, now, Luo Yoo was curious about Ye Yunchen’s reaction, did he support it or was he opposed to it?

Luo Yoo had been in the entertainment industry for 10 years and had seen far too many couples form and break up. Many couples had broken up due to all kinds of weird reasons. Thus, numerous men truly did not wish for their girlfriends to be in the entertainment industry as it was too chaotic.

“Of course I support you,” replied Ye Yunchen without any hesitation, his tone determined and eyes shining exceptionally brightly.

Luo Yoo was slightly surprised. Ye Yunchen having such an intense reaction was out of her expectation. 

“Why?” She had originally thought that she understood this man, but soon enough, she discovered that there were many things she did not know about Ye Yunchen.

Ye Yunchen looked at Luo Yoo with deep and firm eyes, then replied, each word in a serious tone, “In my eyes, there’s no one better than you. That brightly lit stage is made for you, as long as you’re willing to step on it, you would be able to reach the top and let everyone worship you.”

As he spoke, Ye Yunchen had already slowly stood up and walked towards Luo Yoo’s bed with determination. He then slowly knelt down on one knee under Luo Yoo’s shocked gaze, and gently placed his hand on Luo Yoo’s finger as he lifted his head slightly to look at Luo Yoo.

“To me, you’re the most dazzling princess, the most noble queen, and also my belief. I want everyone in the world to see how dazzling and noble you are. I want them to worship you and make you their belief, just like me. Although I still feel that they might not even have the qualification to think of you as their belief, I am still willing for you to become the most noble queen!”

He, on the other hand, would be the most courageous guardian knight of the queen, her most loyal servant. What he hoped for was never her love, he only wished for her to be so dazzling that one’s eye would be blinded by her unparalleled, graceful demeanor and talents! 

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