Reborn Wife Is Invincible [Chapter 5]


Chapter 5: Regain What Was Lost


Luo Yoo and Ye Yunchen were both people of few words, so none of them took the initiative to speak while eating. Luo Yoo ate slowly but elegantly while Ye Yunchen was extremely constrained as he carefully ate the food in front of him and tried his best to reduce his presence.

Luo Yoo had mysophobia, hence she did not like being touched and eating with others. She could grudgingly accept eating with people she was familiar with, but if a stranger had tried to do so, usually that person would come to a bad end. Almost everyone knew she had such mysophobia. Since she was that unique and dazzling, everyone’s attention would be attracted to her, thus such a habit was widely known.

Ye Yunchen could actually be counted as someone quite close to Luo Yoo as the number of times he had eaten with Luo Yoo was even more than the number of times Luo Yoo had eaten with her family. They had eaten lunch together everyday in primary school until that incident happened. Now that they were eating together again, Luo Yoo felt complicated, there were exclamations of how everything was similar yet different. Meanwhile, Ye Yunchen was extremely excited, feeling as if good fortune had fallen into his lap.

After eating, without even needing Luo Yoo to speak, Ye Yunchen had already cleanly tidied up the table. He then stood at the side, awaiting her orders.

Ye Yunchen did like Luo Yoo, but if one had to describe their relationship, rather than that of a purser and a person being pursued, it was that of a master and her attendant. In front of Luo Yoo, Ye Yunchen was always an obedient attendant. He would never disobey Luo Yoo’s words, hence, it was no wonder that Luo Yoo had never realized she was being pursued by Ye Yunchen. Even in this life, Luo Yoo still felt this way, looking at such a Ye Yunchen.

This guy’s way of pursuing someone is really different. Luo Yoo resisted the urge to roll her eyes and said calmly, “I want to go to the washroom.”

Luo Yoo’s left leg was in a cast, so without even needing to ask, it was obvious it would be difficult for her to walk. Naturally, Ye Yunchen understood.

“I’ll help you there?” Probed Ye Yunchen. Actually, he wanted to say he could directly carry Luo Yoo there, but he was afraid that it might anger Luo Yoo. That incident two years ago was still fresh in his memory. The reaction his body had was definitely not on purpose and things had progressed to a point of no return before he even realized what had happened.

Ye Yunchen knew that he had some problems, mentally and physically. He had read many psychological books and confirmed that he did have masochistic tendencies, but he could also guarantee that such tendencies were only towards one person — Luo Yoo.

Since young, he had felt that Luo Yoo fully deserved to be a princess. He thought that as long as he was beside Luo Yoo, it was fine even if he was just a servant. However, as Luo Yoo’s queenly aura became stronger and stronger, he fell deeper in love with her. He had also imagined how it would feel to kneel beside Luo Yoo and kiss the tip of her foot, humbly and devoutly worshipping his love, countless times. 

Many a time, Ye Yunchen felt that his feelings towards Luo Yoo was unsuitable to be described by the word like or love. He worshipped her, and to him, she was his belief. Luo Yoo was the light in his dark life, Luo Yoo gave him the courage to live and for Luo Yoo, he was willing to do anything!

Thinking till here, Ye Yunchen could not help but recall that incident in the forest. It was not the first time he taught Luo Yoo’s pursuers a lesson. However, the reason he did so was definitely not as simple as envy, it was because in his point of view, those guys were completely not worthy of his queen. Even a one-sided love was a type of blasphemy towards Luo Yoo, hence he warned those guys not to have such wishful thoughts!

Meanwhile afterwards, Luo Yoo had just appeared and slapped him without giving him a chance to explain. That was the first time Luo Yoo hit Ye Yunchen. Besides panic, not only did he not feel humiliated, he even felt a slight excitement that could not be concealed. Especially Luo Yoo’s proud and noble look, and that overbearing queen vibe, made his body have an honest reaction!

He felt that it was a type of honor to be slapped by Luo Yoo and was even excited by it. He knew he was abnormal, but what he felt more was resignation. He just loved the assertive Luo Yoo, loved her to his bones, such a love was imprinted in his heart!

“Carry me,” Luo Yoo said calmly.

Ye Yunchen’s body stiffened for a moment, but without another word, he walked to Luo Yoo and carefully carried her. A fragrant scent lingered in the air, which made Ye Yunchen’s ears flush red to the tip and made him unable to look at Luo Yoo at all.

Luo Yoo could also sense his body stiffening, but she only stared deeply at him. She did not dislike him and was not surprised. Since she had called this guy over, she had already considered that such a situation would happen. As long as it did not go too far, she did not mind letting this man get closer to her as she also liked his refreshing scent.

Ye Yunchen placed Luo Yoo on the ground in the washroom, and said with a slightly blushing face, “I’ll wait for you outside, call me when you’re done.”

He gently closed the door to the washroom before heaving a sigh of relief and his face which was slightly red also gradually returned to normal.

After a few minutes, Luo Yoo, who felt comfortable after relieving herself, called for Ye Yunchen and he carefully carried her back to the bed. He then stood beside her again, as if he was waiting for her order. This made Luo Yoo raise her brows unbearably, stating, “If you are busy then you can leave anytime, if you’re not leaving then find somewhere to sit down, are you planning to become a pillar by standing there?”

“I’m not busy, I’m not going anywhere, I’ll keep you company here,” Ye Yunchen explained hurriedly, before obediently sitting on the sofa at the side. He sat so upright it was as if he was a soldier in the army.

Luo Yoo smiled, looking at Ye Yunchen, and she sighed slightly within her heart. He’s still this foolish, his normally cold and shrewd self disappears completely in front of me.

As Luo Yoo thought this in her heart, she unconsciously smiled widely and her breathing gradually stabilized. Unknowingly, she fell asleep.

Witnessing such a scene, Ye Yunchen’s eyes became gentler. He softened his breathing to try his best not wake Luo Yoo and leaned on the back of the sofa slowly. However, he continued staring at Luo Yoo’s face and just kept on looking at her affectionately, reluctant to move his gaze.

Regaining what was lost, Ye Yunchen secretly swore that he would definitely treasure such a chance and never let this hard-won happiness slip from his hands again.


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