Reborn Wife Is Invincible [Chapter 4]


Chapter 4: Am I Forgiven?


When Ye Yunchen appeared in front of Luo Yoo, only half an hour had passed. Even though there was ample time, Ye Yunchen was still covered in sweat and was panting as he stood before her.

“Yoo.” Ye Yunchen gently called for her as he stepped into the ward, however, he only stood at the door and did not move closer.

It’s not that he did not want to be closer to her, it’s just that he did not dare to move closer as he was still uncertain about the reason why Luo Yoo would allow him to come. He was definitely not so ignorant as to think that Luo Yoo had found him because she really had no one to take care of her. Thus after much consideration, he only thought of one possibility — Luo Yoo was in a bad mood so she wanted to vent her anger on him.

She would scold and beat him up at will, this was what would happen when Ye Yunchen was in front of Luo Yoo for the past two years. He was not afraid of pain or being humiliated, but he was frightened of the disgust and coldness depicted in Luo Yoo’s eyes which made him feel like he was suffocating. Besides, as compared to his own suffering, Ye Yunchen would rather not spoil Luo Yoo’s mood. This was also the reason why Ye Yunchen rarely took the initiative to find Luo Yoo but only looked at her secretly from afar.

When the six-year-old Ye Yunchen met the four-year-old Luo Yoo, he had gotten addicted to the drug named “Luo Yoo” and his addiction had gotten more and more serious. Before he even knew what love was, he had already fallen in love with Luo Yoo, who was an extremely delicate child. He even waited two years for Luo Yoo before going to school and stayed beside Luo Yoo, doing everything he could for her, just to make her happier.

Currently, Luo Yoo was looking at Ye Yunchen, who had turned 10 years younger but had not changed in the slightest. He was only 17 years old but he was already 180cm in height. He had sharp eyebrows, a high nose bridge and his pursed up lips had a raw sense of sexiness. It was no wonder that so many girls had a crush on him. His appearance was just too attractive, it’s all because of her disgust towards him that she did not notice these back then.

“I’m hungry.” Luo Yoo said naturally as she looked at Ye Yunchen.

Ye Yunchen was stunned momentarily before blankly saying, “I’ll go and buy food for you now.”

Ye Yunchen ran out of the ward after speaking, but ran back within a minute and asked with embarrassment, “Yoo, what do you want to eat?”

Luo Yoo wanted to laugh, she thought that the man in front of her who was blushing from embarrassment was actually cute. She was really doubting herself, how could she hate such a man in the past?

“I’ll have porridge, that restaurant near the school is not bad.”

“Bird’s nest porridge or mushroom porridge? How about a few side-dishes? You’re injured so you need to eat something nutritious.” Even without needing Luo Yoo to mention specific names, Ye Yunchen had known which restaurant it was. As for Luo Yoo’s taste, Ye Yunchen knew it too well. He would never forget any details that had anything to do with Luo Yoo.

“Mushroom porridge then, you can help me choose the rest.”

“Alright, I’ll head out now.” Ye Yunchen carefully closed the door and hurriedly ran out of the hospital. He just used half an hour to rush here from school, but now he was heading back to the school again with just one sentence from Luo Yoo. He did not even question why Luo Yoo did not say that she wanted the porridge near the school earlier. His whole brain was just filled with thoughts about what Luo Yoo liked to eat and that he had to hurry as he could not allow Luo Yoo to starve.

Once again, the ward was left with Luo Yoo alone. However, Luo Yoo felt that the environment in the ward seemed to have turned warm and revealed a moving smile. Although she had been injured, her mood was exceptionally good. Being able to meet this silly man again after being reborn, her feelings were different and she had a different mindset. Luo Yoo felt that this world was really extremely beautiful.

When Ye Yunchen returned, he was still covered in sweat and was panting heavily. He held a huge pile of things in his hands and placed them in front of Luo Yoo one by one before carefully asking, “Yoo, can I help you up to eat?”

Luo Yoo had been lying on the bed while staring at Ye Yunchen, who was busy putting down the things. Hearing Ye Yunchen’s question, she nodded her head slightly. She did not like others touching her, even if they were her parents. Ye Yunchen naturally knew she had such a habit so upon seeing that Luo Yoo had agreed, Ye Yunchen was so happy he was about to jump for joy!

Many people only knew how to cherish something after losing it, even if Ye Yunchen had always cherished every moment spent with Luo Yoo, only after he was excluded by Luo Yoo did he know how painful it was to be hated by Luo Yoo.

Ye Yunchen’s hands trembled as he carefully helped Luo Yoo up. He then adjusted the table to a suitable position where Luo Yoo only needed to stretch her hand out to reach all the food. Meanwhile, he smiled brightly as he stood at the side. He simply could not suppress the ecstasy he felt from Luo Yoo allowing him to get close to her. In these two years, what he desired all along was just that.

Ye Yunchen had bought a lot of food. Besides the mushroom porridge specified by Luo Yoo, he had prepared many side dishes such as shrimp dumplings, crab roe buns and steamed dumplings, which were all packed in small and delicately woven bamboo trays. Not to mention Luo Yoo alone, even three or five of her would not be able to finish this much.

“Sit down and eat together.” Luo Yoo did not look at Ye Yunchen, she just sat down and started eating after she finished speaking.

Ye Yunchen was stunned momentarily before he registered what Luo Yoo said. He opened his mouth and seemed to have wanted to say something, but kept silent in the end. He just carefully sat at the side of the bed and ate quietly without making a single sound, however, his eyes were secretly turning red.

Men do not shed tears easily, hence, he told himself not to be so useless. If he cried in front of Luo Yoo, she would definitely hate him even more, but even so, a drop of tear landed on the food in his hands uncontrollably.

He had started to like her since he was six, after attentively protecting her for almost 10 years and enduring all the suffering and forbearing in these two years, he only hoped to be able to retain a small position beside her. He would use all his might to protect her bright smile. Even if he had been beaten up, scolded, and hated by her, his feelings had not changed even a tiny bit, he only had her in his eyes!

If you are well, then that is enough! To Ye Yunchen, this sentence could barely be able to describe his feelings towards her. He dared not have hopes for too much, no matter how painful it was he would still tell himself that as long as Luo Yoo was safe and sound, it was alright no matter what suffering he had to go through. However, currently, one sentence from Luo Yoo made him realize that he was still hoping to get closer to her, hoping to protect her in close proximity, hoping for this dream-like scene happening now. 

Ye Yunchen really wanted to ask , Yoo, does this mean that you have forgiven me?


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