Reborn Wife Is Invincible [Chapter 3]


Chapter 3: Whatever She Says Is Right


The 25 years old Luo Yoo had a powerful family background, gorgeous appearance, overflowing talent and was the princess with the highest status recognized by the whole upper class society. She was also the queen figure of the entertainment industry without a doubt. At that time, she thought that she would not have anything to do with Ye Yunchen anymore, but everything changed in an instant.

The Luo Family declined, she was utterly isolated and all kinds of scandals about her were spreading far and wide. Some said she had become famous through her background, others said she would throw her weight around and that her private life was chaotic. That damn fiancé of hers even took the chance to call off the engagement and her good friend had become her fiancé’s new girlfriend. Everything happened so suddenly that Luo Yoo did not even have the time to react before she fell from the top! 

Even so, Luo Yoo did not despair as she was not just eye candy, nor was she a woman that relied on her looks to earn money. Although the Luo Family had declined, and her so-called friends had struck her when she was down, she had enough ability to stand up once again. However, she did not expect her damn fiancé to actually push her down a building!

Not long before Luo Yoo died, she had heard that Ye Yunchen had used all kinds of ways to help the Luo Family  and had done many things for her. Although the Ye Family was a rich and powerful family, Ye Yunchen was an illegitimate child, hence he did not have much power. After his relationship with Luo Yoo soured, he even became an existence that was ignored and was even bullied in the Ye Family. However, Ye Yunchen was not an average person either, he relied on domineering means and his smart brain, succeeding with his own hard work. He became the boss of the mafia and a successful businessman with a net worth of one billion. However, to help the Luo Family and Luo Yoo, he nearly went bankrupt and even jumped down from a 88 floor building without hesitation.

Luo Yoo recalled what happened in the past again and her mood could not help but become gloomy. She did not die but returned 10 years into the past. She was now 15 years old and was in the first year of high school. Ye Yunchen was still her classmate and that damn Zheng Yifeng was her classmate too. However currently, Zheng Yifeng was just one of Luo Yoo’s pursuers. Although his status was not bad, it was not enough for Luo Yoo to take notice of.

As for why Luo Yoo got engaged with Zheng Yifeng? Actually, it was not because of how much she liked that man but at her age, Zheng Yifeng had pursued her for 10+ years, his status, family background, appearance and ability was also quite compatible with her. Also, their parents felt that they were suitable so after considering, she agreed to be engaged to him. She had never thought that this was all a scheme, the Zheng Family that Zheng Yifeng was in had cooperated with other major families to oppress the Luo Family. Their marriage was but a method to take down the Luo Family. Thinking back now, everything seemed like a joke.

Meanwhile, at this moment, her phone suddenly rang. Luo Yoo took a look at the caller ID and her expression suddenly turned strange. It was actually Ye Yunchen, the man that she had complicated feelings about. Was it disgust? No, after experiencing death, how would she hate a man who had given up everything for her? Was it love? Luo Yoo did not think that such a feeling was realistic as she had hated him for so long, love is not a feeling that one would have just because the other person had done so much for her. 

Luo Yoo hesitated for a moment before picking up the phone. She remembered that she did not answer this call in her previous life. However, now that she had been reborn, everything would change and those damned people should be left to experience this kind of tragic ending!

“… I am Luo Yoo.” Luo Yoo spoke only after two seconds upon picking up the call, trying to keep as calm as possible.

The party on the other end seemed to have been stunned, only replying after a moment with obvious uneasiness and eagerness, “Are-are you alright? I heard that you were in an accident. If you’re alright then I won’t disturb you, bye bye.”

Ye Yunchen had a magnetic voice, although he was uneasy, there was a gentleness in his voice which made Luo Yoo feel that it was familiar yet foreign.

Luo Yoo had totally expected Ye Yunchen’s reaction. Although he was cold in front of others and even cold-blooded and ruthless when settling matters in the mafia, when he was in front of her, this man would always act differently. 

Luo Yoo did not hang up. Meanwhile, the man on the other end of the phone call also did not end the call despite saying his goodbyes. The two of them just kept silent. Luo Yoo had forgotten to react as she was deep in her thoughts, but Ye Yunchen was carefully savoring this marvelous feeling. No matter when, he had never hung up on Luo Yoo of his own accord. He never did so in the past; all the more he would not do so now. To him, it was already extremely rare for Luo Yoo to be willing to pick up his call.

Half a minute passed and Ye Yunchen really could not resist, so he opened his mouth once again, “Yoo, are-are you alright?”

Ye Yunchen was already imagining that Luo Yoo had thrown the phone to the side but just forgot to hang up. Even so, Ye Yunchen was hesitant to hang up as he really wanted to hear Luo Yoo’s voice. Besides scolding him, it had been too long since she had spoken to him.

“… I’m not alright, my left leg is fractured and I’m in the hospital with no one taking care of me.” Luo Yoo replied calmly after thinking for a moment. She had said before she died that if she had a next life, she would definitely repay this man. Now that she had been reborn, it was time to fulfil her promise. Luo Yoo was also extremely clear what Ye Yunchen wanted, he only had her in his mind. Maybe she was unable to give him the love he wanted, but in other aspects, she would not be too stingy. The first step was to allow this man to get closer to her.

There was a temporary silence on the other end of the phone and he seemed to be considering the true meaning behind Luo Yoo’s words. Luo Yoo was a genius with extremely high IQ but Ye Yunchen was also the best of the elites, it was impossible for him to not understand the hint in Luo Yoo’s words. However, Ye Yunchen could not believe his deductions.

“What do you mean?” There was a slight choke in Ye Yunchen’s trembling, hoarse voice.

The meaning of Yoo’s words, is it really what I’m imagining? But how is it possible! She hates me that much, how would she ever allow me to get close to her?

“Jing Jiu Hospital, find the hospital room yourself. If you’re not here within one hour, don’t ever appear in front of me anymore.” Luo Yoo hung up right after she finished speaking. Although her tone was cold, her lips were slightly curved in a faint smile.

In the past life, she had taken the initiative to call and found a servant to take care of her after the car accident. As for her family members, since one was busier than the other, even if they came to visit her, it was impossible for them to take care of her. However in this life, everything was going to be different; she would get back at everyone that owed her. As for what she owed, she would try her best to repay them, but as to how specifically, she would be the one to decide!

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