Reborn Wife Is Invincible [Chapter 2]

Chapter 2: The Forest Incident

It happened in a small forest in school. In this forest, it could be said that there were no rules. Smoking, drinking, fighting or dating, as long as it was nothing serious, anything could happen and no one in school would care. Normally, Luo Yoo did not like this place as she had slight mysophobia, both mentally and physically, so she did not like any environment that was too dirty. She even hated smoking and drinking, so she had almost never gone to the forest.

However, there were exceptions to many things. At that time, Luo Yoo did not go to that forest on purpose. She had wanted to go home directly after school, and her personal attendant Ye Yunchen had even directly escorted her to her car. However, shortly after the car drove off, she realized that she had left her phone in the classroom, so she decided to return and take it. Just when she was about to return home after taking her phone, she suddenly saw Ye Yunchen bringing a group of people towards that small forest.

Luo Yoo had mysophobia so naturally, she also wanted Ye Yunchen to be clean; drinking and smoking was not allowed and even fighting was forbidden by Luo Yoo. Thus Luo Yoo was extremely angry as she followed after him, she wanted to see what this obedient attendant was doing behind her back!

She stood behind a tree and saw everything that Ye Yunchen did clearly. Ye Yunchen brought a group of people and surrounded a guy that looked familiar. That guy was a student from the class next door, the reason why Luo Yoo found him familiar was that she had received a love letter from this guy not long ago. Meanwhile, Ye Yunchen had first gotten people beat that guy up before threatening him coldly.

“Luo Yoo is not someone you can like, you’re not worthy enough to write a love letter to her. If I find out that you still have any wishful thoughts that you shouldn’t have, I’ll definitely make you regret coming to school here!”

Luo Yoo had never seen this cruel and cold side of Ye Yunchen before. At that moment, she first felt that she was deceived, then she became exceptionally furious. She had always thought of her attendant Ye Yunchen as obedient, sensible and considerate. However, now, he actually dared to do such a thing behind her back, threatening her pursuer, he had no right to do such a thing!

Luo Yoo stopped Ye Yunchen, who was about to leave. Under Ye Yunchen’s panic-stricken eyes, she slapped him before saying coldly, “Ye Yunchen, who are you to mind my business, do you like me too? If you think he’s unworthy, then how about you? You’re just an illegitimate child. If I did not allow you to follow me, you are not even worthy to help me pick up my shoes!”

Luo Yoo was prideful and haughty. No one had ever gone against her will since young, and she looked down on everyone. Besides her extraordinary family background and her unparalleled appearance, she also had exceptional intelligence. Although saying that she had photographic memory was too exaggerating, no matter what test it was, she was always ranked the first. She had the qualifications to be arrogant, so she had looked down on everyone, even Ye Yunchen!

However, thinking back now, she felt that she really was too childish then, so what if she was amazing? She could easily learn anything and obtain three to four degrees, but she was still unable to see through others’ hearts. She had scolded those who truly meant well for her, but kept the ones who plotted against her by her side, it was really a laughable decision. 

What happened in the forest made Luo Yoo enraged, but it wasn’t the reason she treated Ye Yunchen as a pervert. Even she had felt that the words she scolded Ye Yunchen with were too harsh, so she originally thought that Ye Yunchen would be angry, however, who would have thought that his first reaction was to apologize!

“Sorry, I’m wrong, if you don’t like me doing this then I would never do it again. I swear, please don’t be angry, I really won’t do it again anymore!”

Even now, Luo Yoo could still remember the panicked and pleading look in Ye Yunchen’s eyes. If it was now, she might have felt moved as she had been through so much, thus she had learned to cherish others and feel touched. However, then, she only felt that this man had no backbone and even secretly felt disdain towards him since there were just too many people buttering up to her at that point in time.

As Luo Yoo felt contempt, she also became even more prideful. Hence, she extended her hand and slapped Ye Yunchen again, before turning and intending to leave. Actually, she was already not that angry then, so if that incident did not happen, she might have forgiven Ye Yunchen since she was quite satisfied with this attendant. However, what happened made their relationship take a turn for the worse.

Ye Yunchen thought that Luo Yoo was about to leave and even felt that she would never forgive him anymore, so in a panic-stricken state, he grabbed Luo Yoo’s hand. Luo Yoo lost her balance due to the sudden pull and was about to fall, which led to Ye Yunchen hugging her reflexively. In the end, the both of them fell to the ground, with Ye Yunchen at the bottom and Luo Yoo on top.

Luo Yoo was instantly furious and reflexively started to struggle. Meanwhile, in the process of struggling, she suddenly discovered something that made her disgusted, the man lying under her actually had a reaction he should not have! Something hot and hard was sticking against her leg tightly!

“Are you a pervert, you’re actually hard in such a situation! Ye Yunchen, go and die!” Luo Yoo flared up from the embarrassment. As she spoke, she bent her leg and kicked him. Instantly, Ye Yunchen’s face turned pale and he curled up on the ground in pain.

Luo Yoo had learned some martial arts since young and she even used all her strength when kicking, so even after she had left, Ye Yunchen had yet to recover, not to mention speak.

The day after that incident, Luo Yoo moved Ye Yunchen’s seat, which was originally beside her, all the way to the corner of the classroom in front of the whole class. Also, she arrogantly declared that if Ye Yunchen did not want to sit in that corner, he should scram out of this class.

After the incident happened, Ye Yunchen had wanted to explain and tried to find her many times. However each time, he was either beat up or scolded by her. She beat him up more heavily and scolded him more harshly every time and did not give Ye Yunchen a chance to explain at all. Hence, Ye Yunchen also gradually quietened down and only looked at her from afar.

In the 10+ years afterwards, Luo Yoo did not forgive Ye Yunchen either. Every time she mentioned Ye Yunchen, she always used the word “pervert” to replace his name, completely chasing Ye Yunchen out of her social circle. Only until after the Luo Family started having problems did she take notice of this man once again.


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