Reborn Wife Is Invincible [Chapter 1]


Chapter 1: Reborn, 10 Years Ago

Note: Female lead’s name should be Luo You, but to prevent confusion with the word “you”, the name shall be changed to Luo Yoo


When Luo Yoo woke up, she felt an exceptional pain in her head. The feeling of a hangover was so familiar, yet it made her disgusted. However, besides the feeling of a hangover, there was something else. She felt weak all over, and it was painful no matter which part of the body she moved. She tried her best to open her eyes, and to her surprise, she discovered that this was not a place she was familiar with.

Luo Yoo was momentarily stunned. She seemed to be considering just what this place was before revealing a shocked expression. She clearly remembered that she was pushed down from a 88 stories tall Jing Hua Building, was it possible that she survived? 

88 floors? Luo Yoo could not help but repeat this number in her mind. Surviving after falling from such a high building, even she would feel that she was not human.

“Sister Yoo, you finally woke up, are you feeling okay? Do you need a doctor to do a checkup on you?” Just when Luo Yoo was in astonishment, a familiar yet slightly foreign female voice could be heard. Luo Yoo turned to take a look and her shocked expression instantly turned dark.

“You still dare to appear in front of me , you…” Luo Yoo’s cold voice stopped abruptly, and her darkened face turned strange. She looked at the woman, or should she say girl, in front of her in disbelief.

“Sister Yoo, what are you saying? How are you? Are you uncomfortable? You don’t need to worry as the doctor said you only fractured your left leg. You can recover after resting for a few months and there would not be any side effects,” the girl comforted, the concern in her tone was extremely obvious, but to Luo Yoo, what she said was extremely sarcastic! 

Luo Yoo admitted that maybe the Xu Qiong now was really concerned about her, but that despicable Xu Qiong 10 years later made her unable to accept such a concern from Xu Qiong now! 

Seeing the Xu Qiong that was much younger than in her memories, she seemed to recall this familiar sight. Luo Yoo finally realized how strange this situation was. 10 years ago, she had a car accident that was not too serious, which led to her having her left leg broken. At that time, the first thing she saw when she woke up was Xu Qiong, who took care of her for a long time, so she gradually accepted Xu Qiong as her friend. Only after she discovered that Xu Qiong had seduced her fiancé and conspired with that damn man to deal with her did she realize that she was as blind as a bat by believing Xu Qiong was her good friend!

If not for her rationality stopping her, Luo Yoo would have instantly taken a knife and killed Xu Qiong on the spot. However, she knew that there were more important things to find out currently.

“What is the date today?” Luo Yoo tried her best to sound normal. She gave the feeling of a cold queen, being prideful, dignified and dazzling. Even when lying on the hospital bed, she would make one feel pressured by her domineering aura.

Xu Qiong took a tiny step back before saying in a tone of currying favor with Luo Yoo, “How could you forget, yesterday was your birthday and today is the 23rd of November. You drank so much yesterday but still wanted to drive yourself, you really scared us to death. It was good that nothing serious happened, or else Brother Feng is going to be worried sick.”

Upon hearing the two words “Brother Feng”, Luo Yoo’s face darkened even more. Deep hatred was reflected in her eyes, but since she was good at controlling her emotions, she simply nodded calmly.

Luo Yoo always acted coldly, so Xu Qiong did not notice anything different. Luo Yoo was the princess of the Luo Family and had always been like this, arrogant, cold, overbearing and domineering. Everyone also had to treat her like a princess, no one dared to say much in front of her. However in reality, at this moment, Luo Yoo was extremely flustered. She recalled that the car accident that had happened on her birthday 10 years ago and the current scene was exactly the same. Thus, after thinking carefully, Luo Yoo came to an astounding conclusion!

She had died, but yet she was alive. Because of some unknown reason, she had actually returned to 10 years ago, back to the period of time where she loved and hated, where everything had just begun!

“Sister Yoo, are you alright? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere? Are you hungry? Should I buy you some food to eat?” Xu Qiong saw that Luo Yoo was quiet so she asked carefully. Although she tried her best to seem like she was very concerned, Luo Yoo, who had been reborn, could hear that she was just trying to flatter her.

So, her so-called good friend was just someone who fawns over the rich and powerful. It’s really laughable that she had once thought that Xu Qiong was pure, she had been wrong for so many years.

“It’s nothing, you can go back.” Luo Yoo wanted to take revenge; she did not forget the words she had said before she died, but now, she was really exhausted and her whole body was in pain. After just dying and being reborn, she was still in confusion, so the thing she needed to do most now was to quieten down and think through the situation carefully. 

“Sister Yoo, this is your phone. I originally wanted to contact your family, but your phone has a password so I was unable to do so. How about I wait for your family to arrive before leaving? You injured your leg so it’s inconvenient to move around, and I can also keep you company,” Xu Qiong said in a pleasing tone as she passed the phone, which was placed at the side, to Luo Yoo.

There’s no need, I’ll contact them myself. Just leave and don’t disturb my rest.” Luo Yoo took the phone, but it seemed like she had no intentions to call at all. Her tone turned even colder, even her eyes that were looking at Xu Qiong became exceptionally cold. Xu Qiong did not dare to say anything else as she bid her farewells and left hurriedly. Only after she was a fair distance from the hospital room did she dare to breathe freely.

Even if she really was the Luo Yoo from 10 years ago, who was only 15 years old, the queenly and dignified aura she possessed was not something a normal person could compare to, not to mention a 25 year old Luo Yoo. Before that betrayal, Luo Yoo was definitely the queen of the city; she had absolute beauty and was unparalleled. 

The Luo Family was a big family with four generations living together. They were involved in military affairs, political affairs, commerce and the mafia. Luo Yoo fully deserved the title as the cherished daughter of a noble family, there were less than 10 people in the whole of China that could be on par with her status. In the whole upper-class social circle, those who were in the same generation as Luo Yoo, even if they were a few years older, would respectfully address her as “Sister Yoo”. Luo Yoo’s status was as such, and others had no other choice but to lower their heads.

Afte Xu Qiong left, Luo Yoo did not contact her family. Instead, she started thinking while playing with her phone. The date in her phone clearly confirmed her theory, she had indeed returned to 10 years ago. Such a fact made Luo Yoo slightly doubtful and confused, but she was more excited. She was originally not a quiet child and her temper was not that good either. Those who offended her all faced a bad end, not to mention those who had caused her to face such a tragic fate, she was definitely not going to let them off!

Luo Yoo thought of everything she had experienced in that year before she died. Her fiancé Zheng Yifeng and her good friend Xu Qiong both betrayed her, her family was declining due to them being targeted by others, none of her friends were willing to lend a helping hand, and her reputation was even being smeared by people with malicious intentions. In her past life, she had always been in the entertainment world. Since she had the looks, skills, and a strong background, everything had originally been smooth sailing and she was even quite popular internationally.

However in the end, she was in a terrible fix from all kinds of scandals and was even pushed, by that darn Zheng Yifeng with his own hands, down the Jing Hua Building. All of this made her hatred grow. However, when recalling the moments before her death, she could not help but think of that man, that man who had jumped down to follow her.

Ye Yunchen, this was a guy who was called “pervert” by her in her previous life for 10+ years. He was always bullied and verbally abused by her, and was even oppressed by her. Although he too, was someone with top-notch status, he had been tragically bullied by her. She had even openly said multiple times that Ye Yunchen was not allowed to appear in places where she would be present. Also, because of her, Ye Yunchen had little friends in this social circle as everyone excluded him; his life was really too miserable.

As for why she had treated Ye Yunchen this way… Even thinking back now, Luo Yoo still felt that what she did was not too much as this man was really a little “perverted”!

The Ye and Luo Family were old friends; after all, the social circle was only this big, hence they were bound to run into each other. The adults had similar statuses and their children were of similar age, naturally, they would spend time together. Meanwhile, although she was two years younger than Ye Yunchen, they were from the same class since primary school!

Luo Yoo was very smart, but she had no plans to skip a grade. The reason why they were in the same class was because of Ye Yunchen. Despite the two year difference, Ye Yunchen had retained to wait for Luo Yoo. Meanwhile, in the six years they were in primary school, they were inseparable; Ye Yunchen could be said to be her personal attendant. 

At that time, Luo Yoo was actually quite satisfied with him as his background was comparable to hers and he was also extremely handsome. Although he retained, he was extraordinarily smart, he even learned secondary school knowledge himself. Also, he was very considerate and thoughtful as her attendant — he would help her clean, prepare her lunch, take her bag and do her homework. He would do everything that could be done for her, which made her extremely satisfied. Their parents even joked that as childhood friends, they should be engaged.

However, such an arrangement suddenly underwent a drastic change on a certain day. It was when she was in the second year of secondary school, where they were still sitting at the same table. Although she was only 10+ years old, she was already generally acknowledged as the campus belle and many male classmates had given her love letters. Naturally, she did not accept those love letters from these male classmates that she looked down on, but she also did not reject them too harshly. She just walked by indifferently and arrogantly, not taking them to heart.

However, her blatant disregard for this matter did not mean that others did not care about it. Without her knowledge, Ye Yunchen did many things quietly, especially in the second year of secondary school, and he was even caught on the spot …

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