Reborn Wife Is Invincible [Chapter 10]


Chapter 10: Back To School


In the second half of December, on the eve of Christmas, Luo Yoo had already stayed in the hospital for half a month and at home for another half a month. Although she had taken this period to think of the things she wanted to do in the future, she really could not stand staying in anymore, so after careful consideration, she decided to return to school and be a good student.

Winter was cold, so Aunt Yu wrapped Luo Yoo in numerous layers of clothes before letting her out. Naturally, she was carried out by Ye Yunchen, but Luo Yoo was already used to this. Although Ye Yunchen was still slightly embarrassed, his movements were much more natural. Indeed, after doing this many times, it became habitual.

They headed down as Ye Yunchen’s car was already parked downstairs, and in its trunk, a wheelchair was prepared. After carefully setting Luo Yoo down in the back seat, Ye Yunchen drove the car steadily.

Normally, in such situations, one should sit beside the driver. Only when it was a chauffeur, servant, or subordinate driving would the boss seat behind. This was safe and in style, and was also counted as a habitual etiquette. However, if it was friends or classmates sitting behind, then it would be quite weird.

Luo Yoo blinked. She did not question him but felt it was weird the more she thought about it. Ever since Ye Yunchen had knelt before the bed and said those words to her, she could clearly sense the difference in his attitude towards her. Such an attitude was not only treating her as someone he liked, perhaps, as Ye Yunchen had said, in his eyes, she was a princess or a queen. Such a completely submissive attitude made her harbor some abnormal feelings while thinking that this was weird.

Was she happy or moved? Was it the satisfaction gained from the desire for control or the urge in her desire for dominance? Luo Yoo was still confused, but no matter what, Ye Yunchen’s attitude had pleased her.

Five to six minutes later, the car pulled into Xing Yu Academy. It was obvious that cars were not allowed to enter freely, but no matter where, there were bound to be some privileged people. Ye Yunchen was such a person and evidently, Luo Yoo was also such a person. Luo Yoo and Ye Yunchen’s return to school had been notified beforehand and even half the school had already known about their return. However, when everyone saw Ye Yunchen carrying Luo Yoo to her wheelchair, they could not help but gasp in astonishment.

Luo Yoo had mysophobia so she did not allow others to touch her at all, this was something that the whole school knew. Also, Luo Yoo had completely isolated Ye Yunchen, even going so far as to say that Ye Yunchen was not allowed to appear wherever she was. Even in class, she had chased Ye Yunchen to the corner at the very back of the classroom. Now that the two of them had appeared together with such an intimate posture, needless to say, everyone was dumbfounded.

Xing Yu Academy’s high school teaching building had a total of five floors and had a lift built within, though it was not for students’ use. Of course, there were exceptions for special circumstances, hence, Ye Yunchen pushed Luo Yoo into the lift under everyone’s watchful eyes, blocking their shocked stares.

After they entered the lift, everyone burst into chatters and all kinds of rumors started spreading.

In the lift, Ye Yunchen carefully checked Luo Yoo’s clothes and tidied them up thoughtfully before standing behind Luo Yoo once again. 

Today, Luo Yoo wore all white. Her white cashmere coat, together with a long white plaid dress, covered her injured leg and made her look elegant. Her black long hair cascaded down her back, and her neat bangs covered her brows, making her look as exquisite as a barbie doll. Meanwhile, Ye Yunchen wore a black casual suit, looking exactly like a princess’ butler as he stood behind Luo Yoo.

The two of them attracted countless students’ attention again as they exited the lift. Many students even walked out of their classrooms to look at both of them as they were famous people in the school. In such a digital age where information spreads quickly, in just a short moment of going up the block, the news about the two of them had already crazily spread around the school’s website forum and WeChat, and there were even all kinds of outrageous speculations.

“Sister Yoo, is your leg better, how about I help to push you?” Asked Xu Qiong as she walked towards the door to the classroom with a smile filled with concern. It was just that the smile felt so hypocritical and irritating to Luo Yoo, no matter how she looked.

Luo Yoo coldly glanced at Xu Qiong without saying anything. Ye Yunchen felt the disdain and coldness from Luo Yoo, so he directly pushed her into the classroom without even stopping, completely ignoring Xu Qiong.

Xu Qiong’s face turned awkward, but she bit her lips and did not go up to them anymore.

The tables and chairs in the classroom were all meant for a single person each, so Ye Yunchen moved the chair at Luo Yoo’s seat away before pushing her to her table. Afterward, he walked towards his seat which was located right at the back corner of the classroom.

However just at that moment, Luo Yoo opened her mouth and said indifferently, “Just sit on my left.”

Luo Yoo’s voice was small, but everyone in the surrounding could hear her clearly. Instantly, their expressions turned weird. The seat to the left of Luo Yoo was always empty since it was Zheng Yifeng’s seat. Zheng Yifeng had only come to school for one month after school started and had taken leave from then till now. He was from a military background — the Zheng Family had been soldiers for generations. As such, Zheng Yifeng had also joined a simplified version of special forces training, which was organized by the military. This was a kind of internal training and the number of participants was limited, thus without a powerful and influential background, it was impossible to participate in this training program.

Everyone in school knew that the Zheng Family’s young master Zheng Yifeng was chasing Luo Yoo, and Zheng Yifeng even took the initiative to look for the teacher, just to arrange for his seat to be on the left of Luo Yoo. However, just one word from Luo Yoo and Ye Yunchen was allowed to seat there, how could everyone’s expression not turn strange?

There was also a male classmate sitting to the right of Luo Yoo, but he was the commissary in charge of studies and wore heavy, black-rimmed spectacles. After seeing such a situation, he blinked his eyes rapidly before standing up awkwardly and asking, “How about I-I give you my seat instead?”

Although the commissary in charge of studies, Zhao Yuan, looked a little dumb, he was actually quite smart, or else he would not have taken the initiative to say such a thing. After all, it was not easy to seat beside Luo Yoo.

However, Zhao Yuan’s suggestion, which harbored kind intentions, was not accepted. Neither Luo Yoo nor Ye Yunchen paid him any attention. Ye Yunchen was only stunned momentarily before he sat on Zheng Yifeng’s seat. He then looked at a certain classmate and that classmate immediately brought over Ye Yunchen’s things from his original seat. Afterwards, Ye Yunchen tidied up the few things Zheng Yifeng had and threw them on the teacher’s table arrogantly.

Zhao Yuan sat down awkwardly and the surrounding classmates became weirdly silent. They consciously or unconsciously looked at Luo Yoo and Ye Yunchen, thinking about the frightening things that would occur when Zheng Yifeng returned.

Meanwhile, under this weird atmosphere, Luo Yoo and Ye Yunchen were extremely calm. They were quietly reading books and did not care about the reaction of the others at all.

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