Reborn Wife Is Invincible [Chapter 11]


Chapter 11: Take Him Under Her Wing


The four teachers of the four-morning lessons naturally discovered the weird atmosphere in the class, one of them was even the form teacher. However, even so, not one teacher dared to say anything. To be able to teach in Xing Yu Academy, unless one had some background, the teachers would have to know that they’re working for the students. The students who could study in this school were not people a normal teacher could afford to offend.

Also, in just one morning, what happened between Luo Yoo and Ye Yunchen was already known throughout the whole school, the news had even reached the principal and canteen aunty, and was even spreading outside the school. Since Luo Yoo was counted as a celebrity, her injury and her ambiguous relationship with Ye Yunchen caused quite the ruckus. There were even reporters who came looking for them, but they were unable to enter the school and could only wait outside the gates.

In the afternoon, after school ended, no one in class made the first move and even the teacher waited there. Only after Ye Yunchen pushed Luo Yoo out of the classroom did everyone else leave one after the other, clearly displaying Luo Yoo’s status in the school.

Ye Yunchen pushed Luo Yoo to the school’s canteen. However, this canteen was not a typical canteen either, it was a small restaurant prepared exclusively for the special students. The price was astonishingly expensive, spending even four to five digits in one meal was possible.

Just after the both of them ordered, when Ye Yunchen was helping Luo Yoo place her napkin, a group of people walked into the canteen. After they noticed Ye Yunchen and Luo Yoo, their eyes lit up and they headed towards them.

“Sister Yoo, we were worried sick when we heard that you had a car accident. If we had known, we would have sent you back that night. You did not even let us go and check on you so we don’t even know how your recovery is going. You even specially hired an attendant to take care of you, haha, it’s shocking for us.” The person who spoke was a boy around 15-16 years old, his yellow hair looked golden and dazzling under the light. He spoke like a hooligan and was even winking at Luo Yoo while speaking. A shred of contempt could be seen in his eyes that glanced at Ye Yunchen.

Luo Yoo looked at the five of them, her gaze sweeping past their faces, looking at each one detailedly and intensively!

Among the five of them, the families of two had directly participated in that battle to destroy the Luo Family, another two families had chosen to strike the Luo Family when they were down, and only one had decided to be a bystander completely — or it could be said that the person’s family did not even have the qualifications to participate.

These five might not be the main targets of revenge, but they were still people she would definitely take revenge upon in her plan!

Luo Yoo, Ye Yunchen, Zheng Yifeng, and these five people were counted as part of the famous group of princes and princess of the upper-class society as they all had influential or rich family backgrounds, be it the military or government. Although there was also a hierarchy between them, in the eyes of outsiders, they were from the same social circle. However, it was these people, those so-called friends that had grown up with her, who became the tombs that buried the Luo Family and Luo Yoo. Deception and betrayal had made Luo Yoo completely cold-hearted.

Ye Yunchen bit his sexy lips and his eyes turned abnormally cold but he did not say anything, he only looked at Luo Yoo who was in front of him.

He was already used to the ridicule and disdain people had towards him. In the past, when he was still beside Luo Yoo, he clearly saw the hidden contempt in those people’s eyes. Although he was from the Ye Family, he was but an illegitimate child. Such an identity might seem high up for ordinary people, but in those people’s eyes, it was nothing. After Luo Yoo ostracized him, these people did not even try to hide their disdain towards him. Ye Yunchen remembered the humiliation. Though he did not do anything to retaliate, this did not mean that he would not give them a fatal blow at a certain moment, he would rather finish them off in one go. Thus, verbal attacks which do no substantial harm were too childish in Ye Yunchen’s eyes.

Ye Yunchen was like a poisonous snake, his nature was to wait for the best opportunity. He was vicious, cunning, cold, and bore grudges — this was the true Ye Yunchen. More accurately speaking, this was the side that Ye Yunchen showed to people other than Luo Yoo.

Meanwhile, besides such thoughts of holding a grudge and feeling that it was not worth it to retaliate with words, Ye Yunchen also had quite complicated emotions in front of Luo Yoo. He would let Luo Yoo take the initiative and have complete control over him, willingly doing whatever Luo Yoo ordered him to. If she wanted him to proudly retaliate against her enemies, he would transform himself into a cold superior. If she ordered him to endure the humiliation, then he would face everything silently. If she told him to scram, he would do so and if she asked him to stay, he would too. That was Ye Yunchen, the true Ye Yunchen.

Currently, Ye Yunchen chose to keep quiet, completely giving Luo Yoo the initiative, he was really like an attendant.

Luo Yoo observed all of this, such a situation was astonishingly similar to a scene within her memory, the only difference was that in the past, Ye Yunchen was no longer beside her but in a place far away from her. At that time, she had chosen to turn a cold shoulder to what she had seen. However, now, she was filled with disgust, disgust towards those people. Why had she not realized how childish and hateful these people were in the past?

Luo Yoo sighed in her heart before speaking slowly, “Don’t say I did not warn you, I’ve taken him under my wing, so if someone is rude to him, I’ll be angry.”

Among the seven people present, besides Luo Yoo who had a calm expression, the other six, including Ye Yunchen, had a drastic change in their expression. Ye Yunchen’s face was filled with irrepressible joy, his deep dark pupils were exceptionally bright as he stared straight at Luo Yoo. It was as if in his whole world, there was only Luo Yoo left, there was no room for anyone else.

As for the remaining five, their expressions were awkward. They had always been together with Luo Yoo, which meant they also got along with Zheng Yifeng. Especially since the families of two of them were under the Zheng Family, it was clear to them that Zheng Yifeng was pursuing Luo Yoo. Though even without considering Zheng Yifeng, they, themselves were unwilling to accept Ye Yunchen, thus it was no surprise for them to feel awkward when they heard Luo Yoo’s words. Luo Yoo saying such words was already a warning that could not be ignored.

Members of the Luo Family were mostly protective of their own so naturally, Luo Yoo was so, it’s just that it was not obvious in the past as no one had the qualifications to be recognized by Luo Yoo. However, at that moment she had been reborn, the relationship between her and Ye Yunchen had been destined to change.

Just as she had thought before, she would definitely take Ye Yunchen under her wing and protect him!

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