Reborn Wife Is Invincible [Chapter 12]


Chapter 12: Visit By Aunt


After Luo Yoo finished speaking, she ignored those five people. The five of them were always together, so many people jokingly called them the five-man gang. Their expressions were awkward but in the end, that yellow-haired kid forced a smile and said, “Since Sister Yoo has spoken, naturally we won’t do anything we shouldn’t, haha. Have a good meal, we won’t disturb you anymore.”

The five of them left but Luo Yoo did not even spare them a glance. Such prideful behavior from Luo Yoo sparked a fire in Ye Yunchen, he just liked how indifferent Luo Yoo was and how she set herself high above the masses.

“Thank you.” Ye Yunchen was very moved by how Luo Yoo defended him.

Luo Yoo glanced at Ye Yunchen and said with slight dissatisfaction, “Don’t be so dumb and not retaliate if you’re bullied in the future. You’re under my wing now, if you are bullied then it means you’re losing my face, got it?”

In reality, Luo Yoo knew that Ye Yunchen was definitely not a person who could be easily bullied but she just did not understand why that man seemed so meek in front of her, it was as if he was not the same person anymore.

Luo Yoo was puzzled, but on second thought, such a feeling was not bad. She was a dominant and aggressive person and believed that with her ability, she could do what she wanted to do and protect who she wanted to protect. She did not mind acting as a protector and she could sense that Ye Yunchen’s reliance towards her was like her trust towards him, it was beyond doubt.

Ye Yunchen thought about Luo Yoo’s words carefully before nodding his head deeply. His eyes were determined, it was obvious he had borne Luo Yoo’s words in mind. How could he not? If Luo Yoo was disgraced because of him, then it would be his sin, this was something he would definitely not allow!

The conversation between the both of them was very deep and the two of them did not find it weird, but in reality, such a theory was definitely strange. However, since one was willing to scold while the other was willing to be scolded, what others felt was of no concern to them.

After lunch, Luo Yoo did not go back for lessons. Coming back and walking around to feel the atmosphere of the school was enough. Everything was exactly how she remembered them 10 years ago, those slightly blurry memories had also turned clearer, everything was distinct.

Luo Yoo did not go home but instead, she let Ye Yunchen push her around the school. The temperature was quite low but it did not stop the butterfly effect which was caused by their actions. In WeChat and the school website, pictures of them strolling around the school together were being circulated crazily, there were all kinds of photos taken secretly from all angles. Even the reporters waiting at the gates of the school could not help but save a few photographs to add to the news gossip section.

Luo Yoo had caught the public’s attention after shooting the phone advertisement, but with the protection of her aunt’s entertainment company, no one could find any information on her. Only those in the upper social circle knew her identity but no one spread it as some did not dare while others felt that there was no point in doing so. Even if Luo Yoo’s true identity was known by the media, the number of media companies that dared to expose it to the public was definitely few and far between. Although the Luo Family was not powerful enough to be able to control the whole media industry, dealing with a few media companies was definitely a piece of cake.

Thus, Luo Yoo’s identity was hidden and the public only knew that she was a student with an elegant aura and a sort of charisma that could not be overlooked, who seemed just like a noble princess no matter what she did.

In the afternoon, Luo Yoo had just returned to her flat when she received her aunt’s call, saying that she would discuss the details with Luo Yoo in her flat tonight. Luo Yoo had expected her aunt’s visit as she definitely needed the help of her aunt if she wanted to enter the entertainment circle.

Nighttime, when Luo Yoo’s aunt came, Ye Yunchen had yet to leave. He was watching the news on television with Luo Yoo, or more accurately speaking, news regarding them. Although the newspaper and media had yet to publish any news, there were several posts regarding them, especially on the school website, there were as many as 100 pictures. Ye Yunchen had already decided that after he returned home, he would definitely download all those pictures and keep them properly as there were few photos of him with Luo Yoo.

“Yoo, you’ve really decided to enter the entertainment circle? Being a celebrity might look glorious on the surface but in reality, it’s very tiring. Although you won’t suffer losses as you have me, some things can only depend on your performance. If you’re just playing around, then I can arrange a route for you to have fun, but if you’re serious, then you need to start training after your injury heals, you’ll have to suffer hardships.”

Luo Yoo’s aunt, Luo Xuexin, was a strong, independent woman. She had just turned 40 but looked as if she was just 30+. She wore red marten fur, which made her look dazzling, and her aura was even more powerful than those celebrities. However, in front of Luo Yoo, she was more affectionate. 

“I know everything that aunt has said and I’m prepared. Aunt should know me, if I set my heart on doing something, I’ll do it to the best so naturally, it’s not something as simple as playing around.” Luo Yoo understood what her aunt meant. If one wanted to walk the path of an actor, then her acting skills would definitely be put up to the test. If she wanted to be a singer then it would be her vocals. Although her talent and potential were very high, she had not yet undergone training so she was still slightly worried.

In her past life, Luo Yoo had undergone concentrated training for three months when she decided to enter the entertainment circle. She had memorized all kinds of knowledge about the entertainment circle in a short period so naturally, she knew the hardships of being in the entertainment circle. However in this life, obviously, Luo Yoo did not plan to start anew. Before Luo Xuexin could speak, Luo Yoo immediately continued, “Aunt, there’s no need to arrange any training, let me pick if there are good scripts. You don’t have to worry about my acting skills, if I do badly then just switch me out.”

Luo Yoo’s tone was full of confidence and pride, making people believe in her inexplicably. Luo Xuexin was momentarily stunned. She naturally knew her niece well but she suddenly felt as if the Luo Yoo in front of her was slightly different from before. However, regarding just what it was different, she was unable to describe it. If she had to describe, it’s like her dazzling queen aura had been concealed and she shone as brightly as before but not as obvious as in the past.

Sensing the Luo Yoo now, Luo Xuexin suddenly thought of a sentence to describe her, her keeping a low profile is to let everyone know that she’s keeping a low profile!

“Alright then, I’ll help to keep some good drama scripts for you, but do you have any preference for what kind of script you want? Movie or drama, ancient or modern, or any other kinds? Are there any male actors you would like to work with? Frankly speaking, Little Chen is not bad, haha. If he has any interest in these areas, he can try too.”

While speaking, Luo Xuexin examined Ye Yunchen, who was at the side, her tone containing a hint of inquiry.

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