Reborn Wife Is Invincible [Chapter 13]


Chapter 13: I Am Not A Prince


Luo Xuexin was very curious as to why Ye Yunchen was here and what his relationship with her niece was, but curiosity was just curiosity, she did not ask him directly as it would be more interesting for them to explore their true relationship themselves. They were not like a couple nor were they like normal friends. It was a step away from being a couple, so even if she asked, the two of them would most probably not know how to reply either.

Meanwhile, Luo Xuexin’s suggestion for Ye Yunchen to also enter the entertainment circle was simply a whim when she said it. However, after speaking, she felt that her suggestion was not bad; even without Ye Yunchen doing anything, his deep, handsome, and refined features were enough for him to become a celebrity. Besides, he also possessed an extremely obvious cold aura, which was very in line with the taste of the public currently.

Ye Yunchen was also stunned, he had never thought of entering the entertainment circle as such a bright and dazzling career was not suitable for him. However, he did not immediately reject the idea but looked at Luo Yoo with inquiry. His decision and thoughts were not important, what was important was what Luo Yoo was thinking. If Luo Yoo wanted him to enter the entertainment circle then naturally, he would not reject.

Luo Xuexin was looking at Ye Yunchen while he was looking at Luo Yoo. Luo Xuexin then followed Ye Yunchen’s line of sight and looked at Luo Yoo. Luo Yoo blinked, she suddenly found such a scene weirdly funny.

“Why are you looking at me, whether you want to or not is your decision. Why? Do you want me to decide for you too?” Luo Yoo asked casually with a smile.

“If you agree then I’m willing, if you don’t then I’ll reject it, you can decide anything for me.” As compared to Luo Yoo’s casual question, Ye Yunchen’s expression was frighteningly serious, he spoke each word as if he was making a promise, no one could doubt what he said.

Luo Yoo expected Ye Yunchen’s reply but Luo Xuexin’s shocked expression was a little obvious. Her line of sight jumped between Luo Yoo and Ye Yunchen. Looks like this dumb kid Ye Yunchen really likes Luo Yoo, he’s even able to say such cheesy words, it’s more like an idol drama than a true idol drama.

“Then let Little Chen act too, I’ll let them create a tailor-made school idol drama script, a prince with a princess, it’ll definitely become popular.” Luo Xuexin became more and more excited as she spoke, she had already started thinking of the advertising activities in her mind, she had to make them famous. No matter what, the entertainment circle was her territory, if she couldn’t make them famous, then all the time she had spent in the entertainment circle would be wasted.

Ye Yunchen was stunned, then he whispered, “I am not a prince.”

As Ye Yunchen’s voice was very soft, Luo Xuexin did not hear clearly so she asked reflexively, “What did you say?”

Ye Yunchen wanted to repeat his statement but Luo Yoo spoke first, “It’s too troublesome, there’s no need. Idol dramas have their pros and cons so let’s wait until the script is out before anything else is to be said.”

Luo Xuexin did not hear what Ye Yunchen said clearly but Luo Yoo heard it, her feeling that Ye Yunchen was strange became stronger and stronger. She was really curious, how did Ye Yunchen define their relationship? Was it possible that he still thought of himself as her attendant?

Or, from another perspective, it could be said that everything was up to her, she was completely in charge of him. His attitude of completely submitting to her gave her the feeling that this man was not only her pursuer but instead, he was more like a loyal servant and her, his master.

Master? Luo Yoo herself could not help but feel shocked at such a conclusion. However, she did not know why, but she did not dislike such a conclusion, instead, she felt that it was interesting.

“You’re right, but would shooting dramas affect your studies? How about we shoot a movie, as long as the publicity is enough, there would be no problem with the box office,” Luo Xuexin said, in a slightly worried tone. Luo Yoo and Ye Yunchen were still students, she did not want the shooting to affect their studies.

“There’s not much difference between movies and dramas to me. Aunt, you can just arrange it as you see fit, but I do hope you can cooperate with me.” Luo Yoo did not mind shooting a drama or a movie. Since she was going to enter the entertainment circle, she had to have some achievements. In her previous life, she had also tried many different aspects, so she felt that she had no problem no matter what she did.

“What do you want me to cooperate with?” Asked Luo Xuexin curiously.

“Hide my true identity for now. Also, please keep our relationship a secret.” Luo Yoo naturally had her considerations when making such requests. It’s not that she minded what others would say, for example, that she relied on backdoor connections to become famous, but instead, she wanted to have a true experience as much as possible. After being reborn, many of her thoughts have changed as she gradually understood what the most important thing was for her, and just what kind of life was more meaningful.

Luo Xuexin thought for a moment before agreeing to Luo Yoo’s requests. She also did not wish for Luo Yoo’s identity to be exposed too soon as that could allow her to see through many people clearly. It could be said that Luo Xuexin and Luo Yoo happened to share the same opinion.

Luo Xuexin then mentioned a few topics regarding the entertainment circle, especially the things to take note of. However, as time was too short, Luo Xuexin only scratched the surface. Luo Yoo would occasionally reply, looking as if she was listening attentively but in reality, she had already considered many problems. Meanwhile, Ye Yunchen had been sitting quietly at the side. It was not convenient for him to speak his opinions but he kept what Luo Xuexin said in mind.

When Luo Xuexin wanted to leave, it was already past nine o’clock. She nonchalantly asked Ye Yunchen, “Little Chen, are you not leaving? The Luo Family and Ye Family are the same way, how about I give you a ride?”

Ye Yunchen stood up, answering her reflexively, “Thank you, Aunt Luo, I have a car so I can go back myself.”

“Then let’s go down together?” Luo Xuexin’s eyes started shifting between Luo Yoo and Ye Yunchen. Without waiting for Ye Yunchen’s reply, she continued speaking in a teasing tone, “Little Chen, Little Yoo is a little too young, there are some things that you need to take note of, you can’t do things that you shouldn’t do.”

Ye Yunchen was stunned initially, then he started panicking and hurriedly explained, “Aunt Luo, please do not misunderstand, we have not done anything, I’ll take my leave now.”

Ye Yunchen did not care about matters regarding himself, but he did not wish for others to misunderstand Luo Yoo because of him, especially if the other person was Luo Yoo’s aunt. Not to mention, although he did have some kind of desire towards Luo Yoo, in reality, he would never do anything to her. He worshipped Luo Yoo from the bottom of his heart and to him, she could not be blasphemed against, hence, he would definitely not do anything he should not.

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