Reborn Wife Is Invincible [Chapter 14]


Chapter 14: Christmas Present


As compared to Ye Yunchen panicking and trying his best to explain, Luo Yoo’s reaction was much calmer, or one could say, too calm. She just raised her brows and looked at Luo Xuexin with a faint smile. Only after Ye Yunchen had finished explaining did she say calmly, “Aunt, I’m no longer a child, I can take responsibility for my own matters so you don’t need to worry.”

Luo Yoo spoke after Ye Yunchen so Luo Xuexin, who was originally satisfied with Ye Yunchen’s words, instantly changed expression after listening to Luo Yoo. She mimicked Luo Yoo and raised her brows as she asked straightforwardly, “Little Yoo, are you dating Little Chen?”

Luo Xuexin finally asked. She originally planned not to ask but Luo Yoo’s attitude made Luo Xuexin harbor some suspicions. Were the two of them really dating? If that was the case, then it was a huge matter because, as far as she knew, this was the first time that Luo Yoo had fallen in love.

Ye Yunchen’s face instantly turned red and he wanted to explain but Luo Yoo spoke first, “Aunt, you’re the boss of an entertainment company, not a paparazzi looking for gossip. Could you not ask such a personal question in detail?” 

Luo Yoo did not admit nor did she deny but instead, she chose another way to answer Luo Xuexin’s question.

Luo Xuexin’s brows rose even higher and she said in discontentment, “You’re dodging the question. As the boss of an entertainment company, I have the responsibility and obligation to be concerned with the love life of my company’s celebrities. Not to mention, you’re my niece so is it not right for me to care about you?”

“Boss, we have not signed the contract yet, how about we change to another entertainment company? We sell our skills, not our body,” Luo Yoo replied playfully, without revealing anything at all.

Luo Xuexin could not help but hit Luo Yoo’s head gently, smiling as she scolded her, “You want to change to another entertainment company? Dream on, I’ll send people to bring the contract tomorrow for both of you to sign so that the two of you would need to sell both your skills and body to help me earn lots of money. I’ll make it so that you don’t even have the time to date.”

Luo Xuexin even unconsciously or purposely glanced at Ye Yunchen when she said the last few words. Actually, she was quite satisfied with Ye Yunchen as he was very composed even though he was young and had an exceptional appearance besides having decent abilities. Although there were some problems with his family, as long as Little Yoo liked him, she would support them too. Not to mention, most importantly, she was very satisfied with Ye Yunchen’s attitude towards Little Yoo. She thought it was interesting, watching how Ye Yunchen obeyed everything that Little Yoo said without hesitation.

Luo Yoo smiled and did not rebut anymore as she knew that her aunt was caring for her, and that was enough. In her memory, when the Luo Family declined, her aunt had wanted to save the Luo Family even if she became bankrupt. However, she still failed in the end. Although Luo Yoo was not there to see the final ending, it was no longer important whether she had seen it or not as she would never allow such a thing to happen again!

Actually, when the Luo Family faced problems, most of the Luo family members shared the hardships, contributing whatever they had since everyone knew that no eggs can remain unbroken when the nest is upset. However, there were naturally traitors too. When Luo Yoo secretly thought of the names of those traitors in her mind, even the air around her turned cold.

Luo Xuexin left and Ye Yunchen did not stay either. Luo Yoo did not send them off as it was inconvenient for her since her leg was injured. She just stared out of the window blankly. A shred of ruthlessness could be seen in her eyes, she would definitely take her revenge!

In the next few days, Luo Yoo did not go to school anymore but instead, she started searching for information online. In this half a month, she had been gathering information about real estate, stocks, network electronics, biotechnology, and entertainment media. There was just too much precious information in the 10 years of her previous life so Luo Yoo did not want to waste them. Although the Luo Family and Su Family, where her mother was from, were rich and influential families where their influence in military affairs, political affairs, commerce, and the mafia was immense, Luo Yoo did not want to only rely on her family for her revenge. She wanted to build a force that belonged to her only, a powerful force that could complete her plan for revenge!

Money was an absolute necessity and connections were indispensable. There were no restrictions to schemes and intrigues, as long as her enemies were still alive, she would not give up. She would try her best to build her own force, then cooperate with the Luo Family and Su Family to destroy all her enemies, she would not give them any chance to hurt her or her loved ones!

Being too soft would only result in being bullied by others, one cannot be a landlord if one was too kind, so don’t blame her for being cruel and merciless as she would need to be steel-hearted, or else she would be the one that suffers. She could not waste this only chance of being reborn that the heavens had given her!

Meanwhile, in that half a month, Ye Yunchen still came by her house without fail. Especially during Christmas, he gave Luo Yoo a small present he had wrapped himself while blushing till the tip of his ears were red.

“Little Yoo, I hope you like my present.” Ye Yunchen was nervous yet filled with anticipation as he had spent much effort making this present. He had spent half a year learning knitting, jade processing, and carving to prepare this gift. He thought he would not have the chance to give it to her anymore but he never expected that he would actually be forgiven by Luo Yoo and have the chance to stay by her side to protect her once again. He had wanted to give Luo Yoo this present half a month ago, but he was embarrassed so it never got sent out. Only until now did he have the courage to give it to her.

Naturally, Luo Yoo would not reject him. She unwrapped the present right after she took it as opening the present in front of the other party was a way of showing respect to them. However, her actions only made Ye Yunchen much more nervous.

“If you don’t like it, I can make other things for you. It’s not made very well, I hope you won’t dislike it.” Before the actual present was even seen, Ye Yunchen was already considering the worst scenario. It was not that he did not have confidence in his own craftsmanship but that he was afraid that his present was too simple and crude which would be unworthy of Luo Yoo. To Ye Yunchen, he would take all of Luo Yoo’s preferences seriously, and the things that were worthy to be liked by Luo Yoo should naturally be the best out of the best.

Luo Yoo could not help but glare at Ye Yunchen, and this made him shut his mouth immediately. Luo Yoo then continued unwrapping the present with a satisfied smile.

When the present was unwrapped, an antique and exquisite wooden box could be seen. Luo Yoo thought to herself that just this box alone was already quite a good present. With her insight, this box was definitely an antique with quite a history. Its exquisite carvings showed traces of history. She did not know where Ye Yunchen found this, but just looking from the box itself, she was already even more curious of the present within.

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  1. Oooh another story! This one doesn’t seem to be as long as Rebirth Junior High School Student, so I’m looking forward to how it pans out (and reaching the end quicker hahaha) Thanks for the chapters and stay safe!


    • Sorry to say that we have made the decision to stop translating this novel as it has come to our attention that there had been other completed translations of this novel (Reborn Wife Is Invincible) online. Thank you for your support!


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