Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 97]


At the school’s swimming pool.

Countless students had gathered upon hearing the news.

Bao Si Qing stood on the side of the pool with one hand behind his back, lightly saying, “You have ten minutes to try and push me into the pool. You’re allowed to use any methods.”

He then pointed at his feet, “Look carefully and don’t say I’m bullying you. I’ll only use 1 hand. It’ll be my loss if I use any other parts of my body. Same goes if my legs move the tiniest bit!”

“If you win, I’ll release them, no questions asked, you can do anything.”

“If I win, you’ll willingly accept the punishment. How does that sound?”

He Yu Xiang’s face was red!

Such harsh conditions were clearly due to his opponent trying to shame him!

But could he not accept?

This was his only chance!

He had no idea who Bao Si Qing was or why he was able to strike such fear in his father who had already been high and aloof, but He Yu Xiang was not stupid, he knew that that guy was not someone to be messed with!

“Fine, you better keep your word!” He Yu Xiang gritted his teeth and charged towards Bao Si Qing.

Bao Si Qing smiled coldly, feeling absolutely no sympathy for the guy.

When He Yu Xiang charged over, he kept one hand behind his back and used the other to give He Yu Xiang a push, launching him into the water!

“Cough… Cough cough…” He Yu Xiang had choked on a few mouthfuls of water and kept coughing when he came out of the water.

There were already a lot of students coming to spectate and even more coming upon hearing about it.

“10 minutes, you don’t have much time, are you sure you want to waste it like this?” Bao Si Qing said indifferently.

He Yu Xiang gritted his teeth, climbed out of the pool and charged at Bao Si Qing again, this time he used his legs to deliver a kick!

Unfortunately, Bao Si Qing easily grabbed his ankle and launched him in the water again with a few simple motions!


He Yu Xiang’s eyes were red. This time, he decided not to come out of the pool and instead choosing to launch his attack from within the pool. He grabbed Bao Si Qing’s ankle, trying to drag him into the pool. Even if he could not drag him into the pool, as long as his foot moved, he would have lost!

If it was a member of Bao Si Qing’s team was here, he would say to He Yu Xiang, “Little brat, you’re too naive!”

When He Yu Xiang grabbed onto Bao Si Qing’s ankle and pulled his all his might, Bao Si Qing had already squatted down and mercilessly pressed down on He Yu Xiang’s head!

He pushed He Yu Xiang’s head into the water again and again, holding him underwater for some time before letting him get a breath of air when he was almost out of breath, then dunking his head back underwater when he had almost recovered.

His actions were slow and casual, his face even plastered with a smile as if he was doing something peaceful and relaxing.

His gaze made He Yu Xiang fall apart mentally!

This man was a demon!

10 minutes later, Bao Si Qing fished He Yu Xiang out of the pool by his collar.

He was thrown on the poolside like a dead fish, sucking in air with a gaze of despair.

Bao Si Qing squatted beside and lightly slapped his face, “You’ve lost. As for what punishment you’ll receive… Someone will let you know tonight. I still have some things to do so I’ll be taking my leave.”

He stood up and looked at He Yu Xiang one last time, “Remember, no one can bully my girl!”

Bao Si Qing left.

The spectating students looked at each other, not understanding what had happened. All they saw was that He Yu Xiang was too weak. He was normally tall and big, being skillful at basketball and formidable in a fight, so why was he so weak today?

That handsome man was taller than He Yu Xiang by a head, but he was very thin, almost to the point where it seemed like a gust of strong wind would topple him!

Yet, the guy only had to use one hand to defeat him. All he had to do was to push the other party into the water but he ended up being pummelled like a dead fish…

He sure was weak


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