Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 96]


“He Yu Xiang?”

Bao Si Qing narrowed his eyes, “Come over for a bit.”

Everyone turned to look at He Yu Xiang.

He Yu Xiang stood up, “Are looking for me? I don’t think we’ve met.”

Bao Si Qing smirked, “Who else? Come on out.”

Finishing, Bao Si Qing retreated out of the classroom and stood in the walkway.

He Yu Xiang stood up and was about to walk out when Xiao Ru Yue stopped him abruptly, saying in a worried tone, “Should I get the teacher? He doesn’t seem to a normal guy, I don’t want something happening to you.”

He Yu Xiang felt a wave of warmness course through his heart but he smiled and shook his head, “Don’t worry, I don’t recognize him, nothing is going to happen.”

He Yu Xiang walked out of the classroom. The students in the classroom could not help but look outside, those sitting near the window straining their ears to listen.

Bao Si Qing had no intention of hiding.

He stuffed his hand into his pockets and said while staring straight at He Yu Xiang, “Do you know why I’m looking for you?”

He Yu Xiang shook his head, “I don’t think I know you.”

Bao Si Qing’s gaze turned even dimmer. His lips moved slightly, saying only two words, “Yun Hua.”

He Yu Xiang frowned.

No wonder he could not find Yun Hua when he went to let Yun Hua go. He had even been worried when he saw the broken glass and blood on the ground but it seems like a hero had appeared!

“What do you want? I have my reasons for punishing her!” He Yu Xiang said stubbornly.

Bao Si Qing smiled, “Punish her? You get to decide?”

“So what if it is!” He Yu Xiang was displeased. This guy in front of him was talk and more handsome than him. Of course, he was older too, but the scarier thing was that he felt a sense of fear when standing in front of him!

“Very good.” Bao Si Qing smiled, “You dare touch of one of my people… I won’t bully you, so let’s have a wager.”

“What wager?” He Yu Xiang frowned, “Why do I have to make a wager with you?”

Bao Si Qing’s gaze was shallow, his smile was warm but the tone of his voice was very low, “Because… The life of your mom and dad are in my hands!”

He Yu Xiang’s eyes widened.

He called his dad’s phone while he kept saying that it was impossible. The call went through very quickly and within a few sentences, He Yu Xiang’s expression changed!

He glared angrily at Bao Si Qing, “If you’ve something against me, come at me! I was the one who tied and locked up Yun Hua, my parents have nothing to do with this!”

“Parents are responsible for their child’s discipline.” Bao Si Qing said monotonously.

“What do you want!” He Yu Xiang bit down hard on his lips

Bao Si Qing’s lips twisted into a cold smile, “I just said, make a wager with me. If you win, I’ll let them go immediately. If you lose… Hehe, then willingly accept your punishment!”

He Yu Xiang gritted his teeth, his breathing turning rough from anger, but in the end, he could only accept.

Because his father had kept on begging him on the phone, “Xiang Xiang, you have to agree no matter what the other party says, otherwise, our family is doomed, even your grandfather, your uncle, we’ll all be screwed! The future of our entire family is in your hands!”

He Yu Xiang had never felt such pressure before.

This guy in front of him who was not much older than him… Just who in the world was this guy?

Even though his family were aristocrats, they still had a certain degree of fame in Jiang Xi city. His grandfather had been in various positions of Jiang Xi City’s municipal committee!

His maternal grandfather’s family was a renowned business family in Jiang Xi city and his uncle’s technology company was amongst the top in the nation!

How did this guy… Manage to put his family in such a bind?


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2 thoughts on “Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 96]

  1. WOW 3 consecutive chapters , I keep saying it’ll stop but who knows. Anyway TY.
    I wish Bao si qing would just beat him up infrot of the whole school. like why bother wagering . But I’m sure it’ll be fun.

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