Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 95]


She glared harshly at Bao Si Qing, “You can do it if you want, I’m not gonna do it! If I lie this time, I’ll have to keep on lying!”

Bao Si Qing glanced at her and stirred the hot pork rib porridge, saying lightly, “I don’t mind, it’s all the same.”

They are not the same!

Yun Hua glared at him but her heart was still racing, “What are you going to tell her… How about saying that I went to a friend’s house… I’m afraid that if we said this, Coach Fan would not be happy when she finds out…”

“Why would she be unhappy?” Bao Si Qing raised his head to look at her.

Yun Hua bit down on her lips, “Of course she would be angry if we’re lying in her name! Coach Fan is a person with strong morals!”

“It seems that you know Coach Fan pretty well?” Bao Si Qing squinted his eyes.

Yun Hua blinked, “A little.”

Bao Si Qing chuckled lightly and did not question any further, saying lightly, “It’s not a lie.” 

“What?” Yun Hua blanked out of a moment, unable to process his words fully.

Bao Si Qing helplessly pinched her nose, “I said, it’s not a lie! Quickly recover from your injuries. When you’ve recovered, Fan Meng Ying will come over to train you!”

Yun Hua understood!

She still had not recovered even after Bao Si Qing finish feeding her the entire bowl of porridge.

Fan Meng Ying… Was coming to train her?

How… How could this be possible?!

“Really? Really?” Yun Hua quickly reached out to grab Bao Si Qing’s arm but her arms… Had been bandaged so thickly that they looked like bear paws…

“Do you want more?” Bao Si Qing asked.

It was only now that Yun Hua had realized that Bao Si Qing had been feeding her, blowing each spoonful cool before feeding it to her!

Yun Hua face flushed red.

She quickly lied down and said hurriedly, “I’m full, thanks. I’m going to sleep now!”

Bao Si Qing chuckled lightly and did not expose her. He packed up before saying, “I have something to attend to, I’ll be back in 2 hours. Ask for the nurse if you need to go to the toilet. If you miss me, just call me. You can use the phone on the bedside table, my number is…”

Yun Hua gritted her teeth. No one was missing you!

Bao Si Qing ruffled her hair, “Alright, I’ll be taking my leave.”

Listening to Bao Si Qing’s distancing footsteps and the sounds of the room’s door closing, Yun Hua finally sighed in relief and opened her eyes, her gaze dark and baffled.

Bao Si Qing… Why was he being so nice to her?

Her injuries and fever made her a little fuzzier in the head but she did not lose her memory so she remembered everything that had happened clearly!

After Bao Si Qing rescued her, because of her insisting on participating in the competition, Bao Si Qing brought her to treat her wounds and even used various tricks to delay the swimming competition!

What else?

He bandaged her wounds, went and got a new set of swimsuit, swim cap and goggles, then kept protecting her till she fainted after the competition.

When she woke up, he had already arranged for everything.

Yun Hua conflicted, not being able to understand Bao Si Qing.

If he was just trying to repay his debt, he had no need to be so dedicated and pay so much attention to detail!

Such dedication could not be simply attributed to him wanting to repay his debt.

At this moment, in Nan Xi Middle School.

Bao Si Qing headed straight to the school, found Class 10 and stood outside the classroom door.

The 1.85m tall Bao Si Qing looked like a university student in his white shirt and jeans.

The key thing was his face!

Before this, Qi Zi Heng was the only one that was deemed to be handsome, but now…

Compared to this guy, Qi Zi Heng was only average!

Who was this handsome guy with a face better looking than the celebrities! Even his physique was like that of a model!

“Hi, are you from the senior grades? May I know who you’re looking for?” Ling Xiao Xiao came up and bravely asked.

Bao Si Qing did not even glance at her. He scanned the classroom with an indifferent gaze until his gaze landed on He Yu Xiang!


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