Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 94]


When Yun Hua woke up, in front of her was a scene of pure white.

She blanked out for a few seconds before her memories came back to her.

Her last memory was of her changing clothes with a massive headache. She slipped and everything afterward was a blank.

Yun Hua looked around and realised that she was lying on a hospital bed with an IV in her arm.

She opened her mouth and her throat felt dry as a desert.

It was at this moment when someone entered the room.

It was bright outside.

That person entered with the sunlight radiating out behind him, adding this layer of golden aura around him. In that instant, Yun Hua felt as if he was a god!

“Have you awaken? Are you hungry? I brought some porridge.” Bao Si Qing put down the thermal flask in his hand, “Let’s wash your face first, do you need to go to the toilet?”

It was fine before he mentioned it but now that he did… Yun Hua felt quite a bit of awkwardness.

She nodded and was about to sit up.

He held her down, “Don’t rush.”

He walked over and picked up the IV bottle and supported her on the other hand.

The wounds on her body had already been bandaged. The most serious ones were her hands and her knee. Her hands ended up looking like bear paws!

She wanted to say that she could manage but there was both the IV bottle to hold on to and the journey to the bathroom…

She really could not do it by herself!

Even though she was being supported by him, she could only limp towards the toilet.


Even though there was the toilet door but he still stood outside holding the IV bottle!

Yun Hua… Could not go…

“Just, just hang the bottle outside and leave.” Yun Hua felt extremely awkward.

Bao Si Qing hmphed but did not reply. Rather, he walked to the basin and turned the tap on full blast.

Yun Hua was at a loss of words.

She quickly finished up and her body relaxed.

But upon coming out of the bathroom, Yun Hua could not help but to turn red.

When she finally made it back on to the hospital bed, she was already soaked in sweat from the simple act of going to the toilet.

“If you’ve brought me to the hospital, then my mom…” Yun Hua bit her lip, feeling very worried.

Bao Si Qing glanced at her, “How do you think you’re gonna explain these wounds on your body to you mom?”

Yun Hua had no reply.

How could she explain? There was no logical explanation.

Bao Si Qing said lightly while preparing a scoop of porridge, “Just call her later and tell her that you’re doing fine. I’ll tell her that the coach of the provincial team, Fan Meng Ying,happened to see your competition and wanted to bring you to the provincial team for some tests and might need a few days before you can return.”

Yun Hua blanked for an instant before looking at Bao Si Qing with eyes widened, “Fan Fan Fan… Fan Meng Ying?”

“Yeah, what’s the matter?” Bao Si Qing looked at her.

Yun Hua was already short on breath from the excitement.

Fang Meng Ying would was a future gold medalled trainer in the national team, she alone produced the two world champions Qiao Mo and Xia Ling!

She was Yun Hua’s favourite coach!

Hold on, Yun Hua realised something, Bao Si Qing was only looking for an excuse to fool her mother… So there was no way she would be meeting Fan Meng Ying!

Yun Hua became disappointed while chiding herself for being stupid. Fan Meng Ying never did show up at the sports meet. If Fan Meng Ying had really come to the school, how could she not know? How could the school not announce it?

“What do I do when my mom asks me about Coach Fan?” Yun Hua said dejectedly

Bao Si Qing blinked, “Just say that Coach Fan felt that you’re gifted and she’ll personally invite you to the provincial team after the citywide competition!”


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