Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 93]


Looking at the result, Yun Hua finally smiled.

She had just gone ashore when a big towel wrapped around her.

Yun Hua did not feel the pain from the wound or the coldness of her body. She looked at Bao Si Qing excited, “29.01 seconds in a short lap. Bao Si Qing, this result is on par with second-tier national athletes! However, the sports meet isn’t official so the swimming association would not accept the results. But in a half month, the city’s sports council would be holding a citywide swimming competition for elementary and middle school students. If I can achieve this result in that competition, I’d be officially accepted as a second-tier athlete!

Seeing the sparkle in her eyes, Bao Si Qing felt proud of her but at the same time, he also felt his heart ache.

“Your results will definitely get better and better!” Bao Si Qing smiled and supported her by the shoulder, bringing her off for some rest.

Yun Hua’s expression was full of pride, “Of course!”

Before she could finish her sentence, her knee gave way and she almost fell down.

Luckily, Bao Si Qing moved quickly and caught her, preventing her fall.

It was only at this moment that Yun Hua finally felt pain coursing throughout her body. It was not just pain from the injuries but also from the fever, causing pain even through her bones.

But no matter what Bao Si Qing said, Yun Hua insisted on finishing the competitions she had signed up for!

She had signed up for the freestyle events. 50m, 100m, 200m, 400m, she had signed up for all of them!

This was the logical fallacy of the sports meet. All of the events were carried out one after another. This would not be an issue if one had only signed up for an event or two but Yun Hua had signed up for all of them…

Given her current condition, she could not even leave the pool herself after finishing the 200m event.

Bao Si Qing did not dare to pull her by the arm so he jumped into the pool and helped her out of the pool by supporting her waist.

By this time, there was barely anyone left. After all, those who came to fill up the quota were done after the 200m race, no one was willing to join the 400m race.

However, there were people who saw Bao Si Qing constantly helping Yun Hua out, but he had lowered his cap so people could only see his chin from a distance, hence they all thought that he was from Yun Hua’s family. Else, Bao Si Qing’s face alone would be enough to cause a commotion!

Bao Si Qing refused to allow Yun Hua to continue and finish the last 400m.

“These 3 events are enough! You’ll be entering the provincial or even the national team in the future, no matter what event you want to participate in, as long as you are suitable, the coach will help arrange it for you. There’s no need to rush!” Bao Si Qing said sternly, “If you were to force yourself now and end up with some permanent injury then you can give up on swimming for the rest of your life!”

This threat was effective.

And Yun Hua was really out of energy too.

She just did not want to give up but she knew very well that even if she went and participated, she would probably end up fainting before finishing, let alone placing well.

This was obvious from her results for the 100m and 200m race.

She was still in first place for the 100m race with a timing of 1:05:61 and also fulfilled the standard of a second-tier athlete; But she fell to 2nd place for the 200m race, taking 2:58:32, only reaching the standard of a third-tier athlete. The champion of the 200m race was Fan Xi Qiao.

In the end, she gave up on the race.

Bao Si Qing had Yun Hua go to the changing room to change.

But she had not come out even after a long time. Bao Si Qing’s expression turned ugly.

Fan Xi Qiao just happened to pass by after finishing the 400m race. Bao Si Qing quickly went up to her and asked, “Hello, could you help me check on Yun Hua? She hasn’t come out for a while after going in to change. She’s having a fever so I’m worried that she might have fainted.”

Fan Xi Qiao blanked for a moment. This was her first time seeing Bao Si Qing’s face. So… Handsome! She had never seen a guy so handsome before!

Her focus shifted onto Yun Hua within moments. Actually, she could tell that there was something wrong with Yun Hua since the bandages around her body clearly showed that she was injured. What she did not know was that Yun Hua was having a high fever!

The scariest thing was that Yun Hua was able to meet the standards of a second-tier athlete for both the 50m and 100m race despite her fever! For the 200m, she had only missed the mark by a little!

“Ok, hold on, I’ll go now.” Fan Xi Qiao quickly entered the changing room. It was not long before she came running out with a scream. She said to Bao Si Qing with a face full of terror, “She, she had fainted and has bled a lot!”


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  1. Now, seriously, This was caused by both Han Luo Luo and He Yu Xiang, even if they don’t get arrested for this, they can still get expelled from the school. Something like this NEEDS to happen, or else I would the very sanity of this novel’s society…


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