Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 98]


Of course there was something up if Bao Si Qing was leaving!

Because it was almost noon.

That girl must be bored staying alone in the hospital. The food in the hospital tasted bad so he had to get something nice for her!

The cooking in hotels would be too heavy and not suitable for a patient in recovery, especially since there were wounds on both her legs and hands. What if she ate something she should not have and ended up with scars?

Which girl did not care about their looks? She still wanted to continue swimming so it would not look when wearing a swimsuit if she had scars.

“Uncle Song, it’s me.” Bao Si Qing made a bunch of detours and entered an alleyway.

“Is the soup ready?”

“Who got injured this time? Even worth you instructing me to make a healthy meal and coming to collect it personally!” The fat chef asked while chuckling and wiping his hands with a towel, “Who would dare order you, the Second Master!”

“A… Little girl.” Bao Si Qing smiled, “Uncle Song, her wounds are external, did you add any soy sauce in this? Wouldn’t want her ending up with scars.”

“Is your Uncle Song such a brainless person?” The fat chef shot a glare at Bao Si Qing, “What little girl?”

“Let’s leave it at that, I’ll bring her over here some other day to have a meal.” Bao Si Qing smiled.

The fat chef nodded, “Sure. I can find out her preferences, then it’ll be even easier next time she comes.”

“Mm, thanks Uncle Song.” Bao Si Qing said politely as he picked up the lunch box and was about to leave.

The fat chef quickly called out to him, “Second Master, how is the Old Marshall’s body these days, how long has it been since you’ve last gone back to see him?”

Bao Si Qing’s eyebrows furrowed a little.

The fat chef then continued, “Then there’s Secretary Bao. Recently, Province G hasn’t been very peaceful recently so Secretary Bao as been in a terrible fix…”

“Alright Uncle Song.” Bao Si Qing’s expression was a little dull, “I have my own duties, they’ll settle the matters at home.”

The fat chef sighed, “Second Master you… Why do you have to be so stubborn! It’s not like you don’t know about Secretary Bao’s temper…”

“Uncle Bao, I’ll be leaving first, I’ll call you if I need anything.” Bao Si Qing smiled and left with the lunchbox.

The fat chef could only sigh.

Every family had its struggles, even if it was the powerful Bao family, they did not have everything easy either.

Everyone knew that the Second Master of the Bao family was talented, a genius among geniuses. If he went to be a civil servant… There were no limits to his future! 

But he decided to enlist at a young age! That was a dangerous thing where countless returned dead!

Bao Family’s Old Marshal only had Secretary Bao as his heir, Secretary, on the other hand, had the First and Second Master, but he was only left with the Second master as of today!

If something happened to the Second Master… Then the Bao family would only have a daughter left! At that point, the could only have a close relative take over. 

It just so happened that the Second Master stubbornedly refused to return, insisting on sticking with the troops…


Bao Si Qing who was leaving with the lunch box was feeling a little gloomy.

But when he arrived at the hospital and saw a certain girl looking frustratedly at her two “bear paws”, his mood turned better in an instant.

“What are you looking at? Want some claws to go along with the bear paws?” Bao Si Qing leaned against the hospital ward’s door, smiling at Yun Hua.

Yun Hua felt extremely irritated!

This guy clearly had a face that would make both men and gods jealous but he was just a shameless barbarian!

She had really been fooled by his picture in her past life!

Yun Hua hmphed, “What did you go off to do?”

Bao Si Qing came in carrying the lunch box, smiling, he blinked and said, “What, monitoring me? Little girl, you aren’t my girlfriend, it’s too early for you to be monitoring me!”


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