Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 90]


By this point, it was not just the students of class 10 that recognized the voices but the whole school population!

The discipline master Han Jun Dong was always bossing people around, liking to met out corporal punishment to students who violated the school rules.

There would be times where he would pick out faults for the sake of picking out faults. Either way, the rules were set by him, so you would definitely be in the wrong is he said you were!

Over half the school population had been punished by him before. Every Monday morning, he would give a speech after the flag-raising ceremony and drag all the offenders from the previous week out one by one before criticizing them in front of the entire school!

Hence, there was no teacher or student who was unfamiliar with Han Jun Dong’s voice.

It was just that no one had ever heard Han Dong Jun using such a perverted voice to talk, and the contents being even more… Unbearable!

On the other end of the school, in the broadcasting room.

The announcer was a female senior in her third year. She was simply playing out songs recorded by the students so she had not expected such things to come out of the speakers…

The announcer froze up and forgot to cut the broadcast.

So, the passionate play between Han Jung Dong and Liao Yong Hong as well as all sorts of unbearable conversation came through the broadcast and into the ears of the entire school!


The door of the broadcasting room burst open and Han Jun Dong rushed in anxiously and switched off the broadcast. He glared at the announcer angrily, “You useless shet, what kind of things are you broadcasting!”

The innocent announcer did not know what to do.

Back in Year 2 Class 10.

The broadcast ended abruptly.

The students looked at each other and turned their gaze onto Xiao Ru Yue.

This… This was the class representative’s submission?


Xiao Ru Yue had already turned pale as a ghost and was shaking. She shook her head with fear in her eyes, “No it wasn’t me, it wasn’t… It really wasn’t, this recording wasn’t sent by me, I had nothing to do with this, I…”

Han Luo Luo had already pushed through the crowd and walked over to Xiao Ru Yue. She glared at her icily, “You just admitted that you had sent that recording but now you’re saying you didn’t?”

The entire class still had their eyes on Xiao Ru Yue. Indeed, the class representative had admitted to submitting the recording earlier on, even saying that she wanted to earn some extra points for the class, now she was changing her tune, saying otherwise.

“No no no, what I meant was that I had only sent in a song. It really wasn’t such a recording… I don’t know where this recording came from!” Xiao Ru Yue was on the verge of crying as she tried desperately to plead innocence.

But who would believe her?

Han Luo Luo clenched her teeth and smiled coldly, “I can’t believe I actually believed that it was Yun Hua’s fault. Turns out the culprit was you! You even make a recording! Hehe, you probably screw up the recording and ended up submitting this one. But if one thing is for sure, it’s that this recording came from you! If you didn’t have such a recording, there was no way such a recording could appear no matter how badly you screwed up! It’s you, you are the culprit!”

Han Luo Luo was basically screaming at the top of her lungs.

“Han Luo Luo, calm down and listen to Ru Yue explain! I believe in Ru Yue.” He Yu Xiang said with a frown.

Han Luo Luo looked towards He Yu Xiang. She looked to and fro between He Yu Xiang and Xiao Ru Yue. In an instant, she came to a realization.

“That’s it! That’s it! Yun Hua said the person you liked was Xiao Ru Yue but I didn’t believe her. Now… He Yu Xiang do you know that you’re a fucking faggot!”

Han Luo Luo turned her focus onto He Yu Xiang as she continued screaming and shouted. She threw a few photos in front of He Yu Xiang, “Do you know why I had brought people to come and catch Yun Hua?! It’s because of these pictures that someone gave me!”


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