Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 89]


Concurrently, in Class 10.

All the students were sitting together, chatting over drinks and snacks.

“He Yu Xiang, why were you only 4th in the 1500m race? If you hadn’t tripped, 2nd place shouldn’t have been a problem!”

“That’s right, you tripping even brought down Yun Hua, otherwise Yun Hua would have at least been 2nd place. The cost of you tripping sure is big, costing us the 2nd place.” The class was poking fun at He Yu Xiang.

Xiao Ru Yue quickly said, “He Yu Xiang didn’t do it on purpose so please don’t pick on him. Oh yeah, what about Hua Hua, she hurt her leg, has anyone seen her? Doesn’t she still have the swimming competition to participate in?”

Everyone shook their head, no one knew anything.

He Yu Xiang said lightly, “I saw Han Luo Luo bringing a few thuggish girls to look for her so she might be hiding somewhere.”

Xiao Ru Yue had a concerned expression, “What do we do?”

Speak of the devil.

Han Luo Luo and her group burst into the classroom, looking for Yun Hua.

Xiao Ru Yue used the table as support and stood up quickly. Her leg was also injured and hurting.

She looked at Han Luo Luo and asked, “Han Luo Luo, what did you do to Hua Hua? This is the school, you can’t… You can’t hurt her!”

Han Luo Luo hmphed and ignored Xiao Ru Yue. Instead, she looked at He Yu Xiang and asked unwillingly, “Someone said they saw you and Yun Hua together, were did you hide her? He Yu Xiang, you said you didn’t like her!”

He Yu Xiang glanced at Han Luo Luo coldly, “I don’t like her but I don’t like you either. Quickly bring your people out of here. If the principal sees you, even your dad can’t help you!”

“You!” Han Luo Luo clenched her teeth in anger.

It just so happened that the announcement rang out at this moment, “Next up is [Passionate Time], submitted by Xiao Ru Yue of Year 2 Class 10.”

The students in the class looked towards Xiao Ru Yue, “Wow, class representative, when did you record a song and submit it? Marvelous! As expected of our class representative!”

The students were all praising her.

Xiao Ru Yue frowned and her heartbeat quickened.

But… She had not recorded, much less submitted a song?

Xiao Ru Yue glanced at He Yu Xiang, maybe… maybe He Yu Xiang was trying to win favor from her and produce a song that he submitted under her name?

Listening to the praises from the students, Xiao Ru Yue smiled gently and shyly, “You guys are overpraising me, it’s just something simple that I recorded. I didn’t tell anyone to keep it as a surprise. After all, submitting a song can help add points to our class so it’s also for the collective glory of the class.”

“Wah! As expected of our class representative, being so considerate of the class! Beautiful both outside and inside, this is our class’s pride, Xiao Ru Yue! Isn’t that right, everyone?”

“Yeah!” The students replied in unison. Xiao Ru Yue’s relationship with everyone had always been good.

The more gentle Xiao Ru Yue’s smile became, the clearer the glee in her eyes became.

This was probably what her mother was referring to by the epitome of being a woman. Men would throw themselves at you, willingly doing everything you ask of them!

“Eh, class representative, what kind of song did you record, why is there the sound of a door opening?” After listening to the broadcast, some of the students had confused expressions.

Xiao Ru Yue blinked, “Don’t rush, hold on.”

The other students went along with her, “Yeah, the exciting part is behind.”

Seeing this, Han Luo Luo turned in anger and was about to leave.

However, at that moment, there finally came a person’s voice from the broadcast.

“Ah Hong, you came so early, did you miss me?” Han Jun Dong’s perverted voice rang clearly through the broadcasting system.

“Brother-in-law, it’s been so many days since I’ve last come to find you. Last time at home, we didn’t get to do anything before sister and Luo Luo came back… How disappointing.” This was the previous form teacher, Liao Yong Hong’s voice.

“Ah Hong dear, don’t be angry, brother-in-law will be sure to please you today… Come, let brother-in-law taste your small mouth, whether there’s honey on them, giving me diabetes…” Han Jun Dong’s voice was becoming more and more perverted.

One was the discipline master, Han Jun Dong. The other was the previous form teacher, Liao Yong Hong.

How could the students of Class 10 not recognize their voice?


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