Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 88]


Bao Si Qing felt extremely uncomfortable!

He was so angry that he wanted to give her a good beating.

But… He also felt distressed.

Her actions now were just like those of his younger self.

When he was just 14 years old, he ditched his luxurious life, refusing the path that his family had planned, insisting on joining the military and the special forces at that.

His entire family was against the idea but his grandfather said, “If you really want to, at least show us your determination, important decisions are not a bunch of fun and games, you must be certain that you can be responsible for your decisions.

So he accepted his grandfather’s challenge.

He was dropped off by plane into the Qin Ling Mountains, relying on only his abilities to make it out. Any dangers he encounters would have to be solved by himself. Of course, he could ask for help but that meant accepting defeat!

He did not surrender.

He would not admit defeat or run away from a decision he had made.

3 months later, he made it out of the mountains, covered from head to toe with scars and wounds, like a barbarian.

Even in the toughest times, he persevered and refused to give up.


Bao Si Qing could understand the emotions Yun Hua was currently feeling.

And precisely because he could understand that he felt more distressed, sorrier for her!

Swimming was Yun Hua’s dream, he could not selfishly end her dreams under the excuse of it being for her good!

Bao Si Qing took a deep breath, “To the infirmary, I’ll treat your wounds.”

Yun Hua was still worried, “Will we miss the competition? What’s the time now?”

Bao Si Qing’s expression was cold and serious, “We’ll make it. If I say that we’ll make it, then we will make it!”

With an “Oh”, Yun Hua leaned into Bao Si Qing’s arms in relief, letting him carry her to the infirmary.

Seeing that they are of opposite genders, Bao Si Qing got the nurse to help wipe her down with a hot towel.

Then, he personally treated her wounds. The most serious wound was the one on her hand, the glass shard had completely cut away the flesh and skin on her palm and fingers… Especially on the spot where she held the glass shard, the wound was so deep that the bone could be seen!

Bao Si Qing was very experienced in dealing with external wounds but he was always quick and efficient when treating his or his team members’ wounds.

This was the only time that he did not dare to proceed!

After treating the wound on her hand, the glass shards embedded in her arm had to be removed piece by piece…

By the time the treatment of all the wounds were done, two hours had passed.

Yun Hua was still drowsy and delirious from the fever and kept asking, “What’s the time, had the competition started?”

“Not yet, continue sleeping, you have a fever, I’ll get you some antipyretics and some antibiotics to prevent infections.”

“No, I’m not taking the antipyretics, those will make me sleepy and sap away at my strength…”

2:30 pm was the original starting time of the swimming competition.

But the Nan Xi Middle School suddenly received notice that the transformer near the school had broken down and would take about 3 hours to be fixed.

The school had a reserve generator but the gymnasium needed the central air-conditioning to remain on and they had to keep the various computers and lifts in the classroom and admin blocks running.

In the end, the generator was moved to the admin and classroom blocks, delaying the swimming competition till night time!

At first, there were a lot of complaints.

But very quickly, the school made an announcement and the school population stopped complaining.

Who cared if the swimming competition was delayed when there was such an exciting gossip floating around?

Of course, gossip comes first!

The announcement, “The sports meet has been going on well and the students are all passionately participating. We will now play the various musical compositions submitted by each class to cheer on the school. All of these were recorded and produced by our very own students!”

“The first class has submitted [The song of Victory] by Zhang Qing Mei… The second class…”

“Next up is [Passionate Time], submitted by Xiao Ru Yue of Year 2 Class 10.”


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