Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 91]


He Yu Xiang picked up the pictures.

His eyebrows rose the instant he saw the contents!

In the picture, he was lying back on the ground, looking right at Yun Hua. As for Yun Hua, she was squatting by his side, lowering her head close to his…

From the picture alone, it looked too intimate!

Others might not know the truth but how could He Yu Xiang not know?

These pictures… These pictures were clearly from that time when Yun Hua assaulted him!

Fuck, who was being intimate?!

He Yu Xiang was turning green from anger, “Who took this picture!”

Han Luo Luo smiled coldly, “First, you tell me what you two were doing in the picture!”

He Yu Xiang hmphed, “It’s nothing like what you are thinking of!”

Han Luo Luo smiled, “I also thought that this picture had grounds for misunderstandings but my anger got the better of me. Then, what do you think the person who sent this picture to me was trying to achieve?”

“Han Luo Luo, you’ve offended way too many people in the past, who knows what they were trying to achieve?” He Yu Xiang said impatiently.

Pissed, Han Luo Luo gritted her teeth, “He Yu Xiang! Do you still not understand? Or are you acting stupid? These pictures were taken by Xiao Ru Yue!”

“No, I didn’t!” Xiao Ru Yue quickly shook her head, innocently and pitifully looking at He Yu Xiang, “Why would I take these pictures for? It’s really not me.”

Han Luo Luo sneered, “I heard that Qi senpai has been chasing after Yun Hua… Seems like someone had gotten jealous. If these pictures could be sent to me, they can also easily be sent to Qi senpai… Hehe!”

“Don’t slander people without evidence!” He Yu Xiang’s frown intensified, “I believe in Ru Yue!”

Han Luo Luo’s heart had turned cold. She took a deep breath, “Alright alright alright. He Yu Xiang, I, Han Luo Luo, was stupid to have liked you but now I know better! You are just a little bitch like Xiao Ru Yue, if I were to ever like you again, just strike me dead!”

He Yu Xiang frowned and looked coldly at Han Luo Luo, “I sincerely thank you for not liking me.”

Han Luo Luo was so angry that she was having trouble breathing. She turned her head and stared at Xiao Ru Yue, “I might be done with He Yu Xiang but I’m still not done with you! Xiao Ru Yue, you purposely set me up, getting me to bring students to the archive room… And you even make a recording… What are you trying to do? Are you trying to blackmail me? Or are you trying to blackmail my dad? Oh, that’s not right, you even managed to get rid of my aunt, helping your piece of shit of a mother become the form teacher! You sure know how to scheme!”

The entire class of students was stunned.


Everyone had heard about the incident in the archive room but Han Jun Dong had threatened everyone into silence, furthermore, the incident had been over for some time and no one had any evidence, so if anyone was to raise it up again, Han Jun Dong could just have that student expelled with some slander!

Who knew that there would be a recording?

And if everyone was to think carefully, Han Luo Luo was not wrong.

Ever since that incident, Liao Yong Hong suddenly went on leave… Xiao Ru Yue’s mother, the English teacher Xiao Qiu Ci, became the new form teacher…


Why would Liao Yong Hong go on left? Han Jun Dong had already settled the issue so there was no need for Liao Yong Hong to go on leave!

Yet, she still took leave and passed the duty of form teacher over to Xiao Qiu Ci.

The students were all capable of linking the dots.

Almost everyone had followed the train of thought and concluded that Xiao Ru Yue and Xiao Qiu Ci had threatened Liao Yong Hong with the recording, forcing Liao Yong Hong to go on a long break…

Also, the various subject teachers of Class 10 were all capable and good, any one of them would be stricter than Xiao Qiu Ci, so pick Xiao Qiu Ci of all people?

There were no limits to the students’ ability to fill in the gap.

In an instant, the way everyone viewed Xiao Qiu Ci had changed!

Just how deep and dark must her mind be for her to come up with such a plot at the age of 13?!


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4 thoughts on “Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 91]

  1. In an instant, the way everyone viewed Xiao Qiu Ci had changed!

    Just how deep and dark must her mind be for her to come up with such a plot at the age of 13?!

    Xiao Qiu Ci –> Xiao Ru Yue

    Thank you for the chapter!


  2. Well, knowing CH novels as much as I do, I have no doubt she’s about to pull a magical excuse out of her ass, that convinces almost everyone that she’s innocent, so that she and her mother can continue causing trouble for at least another hundred chapters…


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