Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 9]


Yunhua ran as fast as she could, managing to make her way home on time.

After reaching home she was greeted by her mother.

Her mother, Jiang Huanqing, had just finished taking a shower and was in the midst of the tidying the house.

Coming out from the bedroom, her mother said to her, “Huahua, if you want, there some white fungus soup in the kitchen.”

Yunhua stared at her mom for a second. She smiled and ran over to hug her mother, inviting her to have some too.

“Mom, you should join me. White fungus is good for maintaining one’s looks, you should have more too.”

“Your mother has passed the age of beauty care already.” Jiang Huanqing could not help but giggle. “Have more of it, it’s good for your body.”


“Who said my mom is old? Mom, you are still young and beautiful, it’s just that you don’t like to dress up.” Yunhua said while batting her eyes.

Jiang Huanqing lightly knocked on Yunhua’s forehead. “What has gotten into you today? What age is your mother? There’s no point in me dressing up already.”

“But… Look at Xiao… Aunt Xiao. Look at how much skin care products see use, and how much beauty supplements she takes? A 30+ person can look like a 20-year-old maiden. Every time they go out, they said Aunt Xiao and Xiao Ruyue are sisters. No one could tell that they are mother and daughter!” Yunhua insisted.

“I get it, but Xiao Huanqing is a teacher at your school so she has to dress up for work. I’m not working, just staying at home to look after you and your dad, so there isn’t a point in me dressing up. Let’s stop here alright, quickly go eat or the soup is going to become cold.”

Yunhua was unsatisfied, but she held her tongue and went to get the soup.

Her mother has always been like this, dedicating her entire self to Yunhua and her dad. Since they used to be to very poor before leaving the village, even though they had money now, Yunhua’s mother is still unwilling to spend an extra cent on herself, yet tried to fulfil all the requests of Yunhua and her dad.

What did such kindness bring for her?

How could Yunhua’s mom ever imagine that her husband and her best friend would be having an affair behind her back?

Yunhua bit down on the spoon. She felt extremely frustrated upon remembering the misfortune that her mother had gone through in her previous life.

“Look at you, biting on your spoon at such an age. You are going to ruin your teeth!” Her mom came over and knocked her on the head again.

“Go pick up the phone, Ruyue is calling for you.”

Yunhua paused before putting down the spoon and going over to pick up the phone.

Xiao Ruyue. You just can’t wait, can’t you?

It was the same in her previous life.

While she was stuck in the storeroom, getting shamed and bullied by Han Lulu in front of the crowd of students, Ruyue had called her house and ask if Yunhua had came back home.

At that time, it was her mother who picked up the phone. Yunhua did not know what Xiao Ruyue had said, but her mother had started to panic. Her mother had called her dad, Yun Congjun before rushing out to look for her.

Her mother had gone along the route to school and checked all the streetways…

It was at last that they found the traumatised Yunhua outside the school gates.

On the second day, Yunhua had just reached school and the embarrassing pictures of that night’s incident had already been spread around school.

There were even people who printed out these pictures and threw them out of the windows as if they were fairies throwing flowers…

There was even a rumour that started then, saying that after Yunhua finished her night study session, she would go to a nearby street salon to work as a prostitute……


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