Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 8]


When a person falls backwards, the body will instinctively reach out to cushion the fall

However, Yunhua stuck her hands on her, and rather take the fall than let go.

She truly feared seeing that person’s face.

Truly feared bring upon herself another disaster!

Just when she was about to fall backward, a strong arm grabbed her by her waist.

The guy exerted a bit of strength and pulled Yunhua back.

Yunhua smashed into the guy’s chest.

Thank god she was covering her face with her hands otherwise she would probably have broken her nose!

The guy’s muscles were hard like a brick wall.

Just went Yunhua was still fuming, the guy lowered his head again and coldly said “You’d rather fall than uncover your eyes. Seems like you really don’t want to see my face.”

“Pfft. I’m just afraid you’re so ugly that I’ll go blind from seeing your face.” Yunhua said

The guy paused for a bit before starting to chuckle. Yunhua could even feeling his chest shaking from the laughter.

“You’re pretty witty.” The guy said coldly after he stopped laughing.

Yunhua wanted to push the guy away but his hold was unexpectedly tight, causing her to be unable to escape.

“Let go of me!’ Yunhua said anxiously.

Instead, the guy lowered his head to her ears, so closely that he was breathing onto her ears.

Yunhua’s ears were really sensitive, any kind of stimulating would have her blushing, let alone with this kind of blatant teasing!

The thing that Yunhua really could not stand was that he had reach out to squeeze her earlobes again!

It was as if he was playing with a piece of gum, squeezing and squeezing, causing blood to rush to her earlobes.


Yunhua was on the verge of exploding.

From the place where he was stimulating, a shock went out, sending her to shudder.

Her heartbeat quickened instantly.

She could barely remain standing.

She could not let this go on.

If this continues, she would not be able to resist if the guy tried anything.

The anxious Yunhua decided to knee the guy in the groin.

Instantly, the guy released her.

No matter how tough a man is, that place would always be a critical weak point, the slightest bit of impact would bring immense pain. Naturally, there would be no way for the guy to remain standing after Yunhua’s merciless kick!

While the guy was bending over from the pain, Yunhua ran away quickly.

She did not dare to stop, running out of the administrative building and into the empty school compound!

Leaning against a tree, Yunhua gasped for air, trying to catch her breath. She looked towards the dark and seemingly empty administrative building.

To Yunhua, she had just escaped death!

No matter who the guy was, she could not afford to provoke him.


Very quickly, Yunhua encountered another problem.

She had left her phone back in the archive room. The phone containing the audio of Liao Yonghong and Han Jundong having some “good time”.

What to do?

She would definitely could not go back right now.

What if the guy has not left yet……

Naturally, the guy might take her phone away too!

After some thought, Yunhua still decided on leaving. She was not going to take the risk.

Anyways, she had accomplished her mission. After being exposed to so many people, even if she does not leak the story, she was sure someone else would.


7 thoughts on “Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 8]

    • yep man i thought this was revenge with darkness inside her but tf is this girl she blushing who the does that for revenge what a weak willed im from 2019 btw


  1. Thank you for the chapter! I would have thought that the MC wouldn't be so reaction…ary? She reacts a lot to what I think are kind of meaningless especially if you take her age into view yknowwhatimsayin? I guess I've been enjoying too many bad-ass, cold female leads ahah. But this isn;t bad! I'm enjoying this novel so far and I hope to see her schemes, I love reading those revenge plot types!! Again, thank you for the translations and I hope you continue ❤


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