Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 7]


After around 10 minutes, Han Jundong and Liao Yonghong both left quickly.

Yunhua did not dare to go out yet. Who knows if those 2 would come back.

The guy who had been pressing on her back moved. It is only now that Yunhua could feel her either back was soaked with sweat.

She clenched her fist but she still did not dare to move.

She did not know what the guy was here for, but now that it is only him and her left, what would she do if the guy tried anything funny.

Yunhua grit her teeth.

She will definitely not let herself go through the same fate as her previous self.

If the guy tries anything, she would rather die trying to escape then let him do anything.

“Everyone has left, are you not going to leave?” The guy teased Yunhua with his low and deep voice.

Yunhua bit down on her lips and gently pushed open the file cabinet door.

In the next second, she quickly ran a few steps, putting distance between her and the file cabinet.

After that, she turned back immediately wanting to find out the identity of the guy.

However, the guy was quick too. Yunhua only saw a figure ran past her and the guy was at the window already, with his back to her.

While she could not see his face, she could see that he wore black clothes that stuck to his figure. His face was slightly tilted, showing just enough of his chiselled face to make Yunhua’s heartbeat rise.

“Who are you?” Yunhua asked through gritted teeth.

The guy laughed a little. While Yunhua could not see his features but she could not help but observe the coldness in his attitude.

His voice was no longer low and deep like in the file cabinet. It had become loud and clear, like a graceful cello.

“Don’t be so curious. My face isn’t to be seen by just anyone and everyone.” The guy’s voice carried a sense of amusement. “If you see my face, you’ll definitely fall for me. So?

Do you still want to see it?”

“Nope!” Yunhua replied without any hesitation. Hse turned around and walked away, expressing clearly that she had no desire to see his face.

After all, the reborn Yunhua is most familiar with the proverb “curiosity kills the cat”.

She not like other 13-year-old girls who are blinded by romance. Compared to curiosity, she values her life more and does not want to be dragged into unnecessary trouble.

This guy… Hiding there so quietly despite such ability… He must be hiding some secrets.

As for what the secrets were, Yunhua was not curious at all.

Since any kind of secret signifies trouble. Big trouble!

She had already decided to treasure this second life she had been blessed with, so she was not going find trouble for herself.

“You really don’t want to see?” The guy who was going to leave had turned back and walked over.

Yunhua could even hear his footsteps and smell his body odour as he got closer and closer

Despite covering her face as best as she could, Yunhua could still tell clearly that the guy was in front of her.

Yunhua tensed up and started feeling nervous.

The guy bent over and whispered by her ear, “You’re the first one who didn’t want to see my face.”

Yunhua covered her eyes tightly. She was definitely not going to look at his face!

She knows very well that if she looked, it would mean be trouble for her. No way she was going to walk into such an obvious trap.

“You sure you don’t want to see?”

He approached her once again. His hot breath was all she could feel and his voice rang beside her ears, stimulating her senses.

Yunhua was going crazy.

She continued covering her face while moving backwards.

In the process, she bumped into the corner of a table, causing her to fall backwards…


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  3. Why hasn’t she left yet? Why hasn’t HE left yet? Why is she acting like a teenage girl who wasn’t reborn from a life of misery, pain and inhumane torture?


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