Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 6]


Watching it live, Yunhua felt very shy and nervous.

What was more unbearable was the fact that she was still being embraced by a guy.

“Yonghong, Yonghong…” Han Jundong called out Liao Yonghong’s name passionately while tearing at her clothes.

“Jundong…” Liao Yonghong moaned with a flirtatious voice, “You’re the best.”


Yunhua had already frozen up completely

Even though she is not a truly innocent 13-year-old girl, but she has not watched such a display with other people before either!

Just remembering the fact that there was a guy hugging her got Yunhua light headed.

The guy’s chest was wide with rock hard muscles.

Yunhua was almost completely in his embrace.

The guy’s body temperature was really high. Pressed against Yunhua’s back, the heat transferred through the thin fabric of the uniform, constantly reminding Yunhua of the guy’s presence.

She shifted her body, trying to put some distance between him and her but in the small confines of the file cabinet, her actions only made the situation worse, pressing her harder against the guy’s chest.

“Move over!” Yunhua whispered angrily

“Move over? Hey, be reasonable alright? I came here first and it was perfect for me alone. You came intruding on my territory and you dare to ask me to move over?” The guy’s voice was deep and hoarse, making it unexpectedly attractive.

She used to hear people talking about climaxing just from someone’s voice alone. It seems like she has personally experienced it today.

It is a pleasant voice indeed, but the barbaric behavior of the guy ruined the experience.

Yunhua swore at the guy in her mind.

It was at this moment that Han Lulu’s voice came from the door of the archive room.

“Who’s inside? What are you doing here at such a late hour?” Han Lulu put on an act, pretending not to know anything.

Liao Yonghong and Han Jundong were in the midst of a highly complex position, completely engrossed in each other when they heard it.

They froze up immediately.

Unfortunately, the position was too complex and they could not untangle themselves in time when the door was pulled open.

They were caught in the act!

Han Lulu rushed in first.

Behind her were He Yuxiang and Han Lulu’s friends from the nearby classes!

The scene in the room shocked the entire group of students.

My. God.

Looking at the two naked people tangled in a mess.

It cannot be… Is that their form teacher Liao Yonghong?

And the guy she was committing the unspeakable act with… It is…

Everyone turned to look at Han Lulu!

The man’s face could not be more familiar. Is that not the dean, Han Jundong?

The always serious and strict Han Jundong! The Han Jundong who makes endless speeches about the morals!

Naturally, he is also Han Lulu’s dad!

“Dad… Aunt… You guys…”

It was as if she had been struck by lightning

She retreated step by step, staring at her dad and aunt with eyes of fear while shaking her head.

“You guys… You guys…”

“All of you get out!” The normal serious looking Han Jundong had a face of anger caused by the embarrassment!

“Everyone here see me at my office tomorrow morning. Everyone better be there.” Han Jundong spat out through clenched teeth, “Anyone who dares to leak anything about this will be expelled! Don’t forget that I am the one who has everyone’s portfolios. Any changes are decided by me!”


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  4. Is he seriously trying to blackmail the students by falsifying scandals about them after they caught him in a real scandal?


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