Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 5]


Yunhua rushed and entered the archive room before Liao Yonghong did.

There were many file cabinet in the archive room.

Yunhua hurried to the deepest part of the room. She opened the window, readying an escape route, then testing out angles to find the best one for the clearest pictures and audio recording.

It was only 2006, so the quality of the camera was bad and the recording feature was barely usable. As for the video function, it was unrealistic given the small storage space available. Not only would the footage be unclear, there could only be a few minutes worth of footage before the phone runs out of memory.

Yunhua also lacked the financial capability to get an actual video camera. Even the Motorola phone in her hands was given to her by Xiao Ruyue’s mother.

When she first received the phone, she was really happy. Back then, she liked Aunty Xiao Qiuci a lot, thinking that she treated her better than her own daughter Xiao Ruyue.

It was only afterwards that she found out the Aunty Xiao Qiuci that she liked so much was being her mother’s friend on one end and having an affair with her father on the other.

Yunhua snickered.

Luckily she had this phone. Otherwise she would not be able to take pictures or record audio of the interesting scene that was about to unfold.

It was at this time that the sound of footsteps came from the door. Yunhua did not dare to delay and hide inside one of the file cabinets.

She had just closed door of the file cabinet where the archive room door opened with a creak.

Yunhua breathed a sigh of relief. Thanks to her quick reflexes, she did not get discovered.

She did not get the chance to relax before a chill ran down her spine. She felt a creepy aura behind her as if some monster was staring at her.

Yunhua started to get nervous.

A hand covered her mouth and she could sense a boy’s hot breathe on near her ears.

She froze up.

The predator had just become the prey.

This was the only thing on Yunhua’s mind.

Who. Just who could have come down earlier than her?

Why would he be here?

Yunhua broke out in cold sweat. She had been too careless!

“Hush.” A low voice whispered by her ears, “Don’t move, just enjoy the show.”

The low voice felt hypnotic and she could not control it as her body feel increasingly numb.

What’s more was that the guy had pressed himself against her back tightly.

It was as if she was a doll. Her back stuck tightly against his firm chest while his arms embraced her.

Yunhua was blushing profusely.

A subtle minty smell replaced the smell of mold in the file cabinet. His breathing was steady. His heartbeat was strong. Yunhua started feeling light-headed.

“Pay attention! The show is starting!” the guy whispered again.

More importantly, the guy had…

The guy had pinched her earlobes!

Yunhua felt as if all of the blood in her body had rushed to her brain.

She could not take it anymore!

She would have kicked the guy away if it was not for Liao Yonghong and Han Jundong entering the archive room.

The two of them were really passionate.

They had just entered the room and they had already started hugging each other, kissing each others passionately.


5 thoughts on “Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 5]

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  3. That reaction of hers was uncalled for. For someone of her tortured mindset, she shouldn’t really be feeling anything from what he’s doing to her right now. After all, even if her body is refreshed, her mind should still be numb to such approaches…


  4. Man…why did the ML showed up so soon? And for no reason too…and he also seems like a perverted piece of shit…ugh..i really want to see her getting revenge and strive to be successful by herself rather than having a ML around 😩


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