Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 4]


The current Yunhua has a lot of patience.

If a normal person is locked in a mental hospital for a few years, undergoing inhumane torture every day, naturally the person would gain patience.

Even though she knows Xiao Ruyue is the mastermind but Han Lulu, Ling Xiaoxiao and He Yuxiang were the ones who put the plan into actions.

There is no need to rush. We can take things slowly.

Throughout the entire night session of self-studying, Yunhua kept her head down, working on something.

The form teacher Liao Yonghong walked around the classroom for a bit before leaving the class after a cliched “Time is precious.”

The moment she left, the classroom burst into commotion again.

Yunhua ignored all of that.

With 20 minutes to the end of the lesson, she sent a message through qq

“I’ll be heading over now, see you soon!”

After sending that, Yunhua reinstalled the qq app and logged into another account.

After this, she grabbed the stuff under her table, stuffed them into her bag and left the classroom quickly.

While leaving the classroom, Yunhua ignored the gleeful look that Han Lulu had.

In her past life, she had found out, after some time, that Han Lulu had always liked He Yuxiang, but the person He Yuxiang liked was Xiao Ruyue, and here lies the problem.

Xiao Ruyue told Han Lulu that He Yuxiang likes her too, but Yu Hua was going to try and seduce He Yuxiang.

Then, Xiao Ruyue continued on, telling Han Lulu that Yu Hua had asked He Yuxiang to meet her in the storeroom. With that, Han Lulu got a bunch of people to follow her and go to the storeroom, trapping Yunhua who was in the lingerie there.

The last Yunhua never got a chance to meet Qi Zhiheng. Instead, she was tricked into embarrassing herself in front of everyone.

Her revenge… It starts with Han Lulu and He Yuxiang!

Yunhua smiled lightly and quickly ran to the archive room while avoiding being seen by other people.

Changing the venue from the storeroom to the archive room was the first step of her plan for revenge.

The reason is simple.

Han Lulu’s dad, Han Jundong is the dean of the school. He is known for being serious and having unquestionable morals. He is also feared by the entire student population.

However, no one would had thought that the strict and morally upright Han Jundong would be having an affair with his wife’s sister!

The sister in question happens to be Liao Yonghong, the form teacher of Han Lulu, He Yuxiang and Yunhua!

This affair would be exposed later in the year. A student who was punished by Han Jundong decided to find dirt on Han Jundong. The student stalked Han Jundong for a long time, finding out that Han Jundong would meet up with Liao Yonghong in the archive room every Tuesday and Wednesday……

Yunhua could not wait to see Han Lulu’s face when her father’s affair gets exposed by the group of people she led.

What would Han Lulu do then?

Just the thought of it got Yunhua excited.

Yunhua took a shortcut, arriving at the archive room in 5 minutes.

Just as Yunhua arrived, she saw Liao Yonghong coming to the archive room.

A strict teacher who tolerated no nonsense in her class rushing to meet up with her brother-in-law right after leaving class… Is this behavior fitting of a teacher?

In her previous life, after the pictures taken that night were spread all around the school. Liao Yonghong had addressed the entire school during an assembly session, saying that Yunhua’s behavior was unacceptable, unrespectful and unloving of herself. She even went on to call Yunhua a slut.

A teacher calling her student a slut…


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  3. Also….. uh? On Novelupdates, chapters 14 and 15 are missing.
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