Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 3]


The previous Yunhua dressed in sexy lingerie was shown to everyone.

The body of a young maiden was there for everyone’s viewing

That pair of eyes, mocking her, was overflowing with evilness.

Even though she was in a lingerie, Yunhua felt that she had been stripped naked, stripped of her privacy, being molested by those looks of evilness.

Everyone was mocking her, everyone was taking photos, mocking her, taking photos, mocking her…

At that point in time, she rushed to take back her uniform and wanted to put them back on, but her uniform had already been thrown away by Han Lulu, lost in the crowd.

She desperately wanted to get back her uniform, to use it and cover up her body, but the uniform was passed around by the crowd and she could not get close to it at all.

In the process of retrieving her uniform, some of the students even try to grope her.

Yunhua was crying, begging them to return the uniform to her.

Yet, what did those people do?

Han Lulu told her to kneel down and do the dogeza.

She kneeled.

She did the dogeza.

Even blood came out of her forehead.

Han Lulu agreed to return her uniform and told Yunhua to take it back herself.

Just as Yunhua snatched back her uniform from Han Lulu, Han Lulu used her hands and undid Yunhua’s bra…

Yunhua had no idea how she made it through that night…

All she knows was that by the second day, the entire school was buzzing about the incident.

The school notified her parents and her dad slapped her the moment they met.

Qi Zhiheng looked at her with a look full of disappointment.

The Qi family even sent people to notify the Yun family that they were calling off the engagement.

With the Yun family having Yunhua as the only daughter, given such an incident, there is no way that the Qi family would allow the engagement to go on.

It was at this time that the father that she had always loved and respected announced that the Yun Family actually had another daughter, Yun Ruyue

This is way too sudden!

Yun Ruyue, originally named Xiao Ruyue, was Yunhue’s best friend. Similarly, her mother Xiao Qiuci was also Yunhua’s mother’s best friend.

With this news though, to Yunhua’s mom, her best friend had stolen her husband from her!

As for Yunhua, her best friend is now her sister, and more importantly, is going to take her place in the engagement to Qi Zhiheng

In her previous life, Yunhua had gotten depressed over this string of unfortunate events.

All of her problems started from that night…

From her receiving Qi Zhiheng’s qq message…

From her excitedly putting on the lingerie to meet Qi Zhiheng in the storeroom…

Yunhua’s vision blurred as tears started welling up in her eyes.

Yunhua can still remember how excited she had felt before the meeting. She can still remember how shy and restless she was as she hid in the toilet to change into the lingerie.

In the end, instead of meeting Qi Zhiheng, she met shame that was enough to ruin her entire life.

Never ending shame that was all around her!


She had been too innocent, too trusting, too weak and too dumb.

How else could she had fallen prey to such a trap. There was never another chance to regret. Her life was just a downward spiral from there.

It was only afterward that she found out she had been set up by Xiao Ruyue from the start.

Today, Yunhua has reborn.

Reborn on before she could make this life-ruining mistake.

This has to be a chance given to her by the heavens!

She would definitely not let herself fall into the same trap.

As for her best friend, and future sister Xiao Ruyue……

Yunhua swore to repay her properly. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth!



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  4. So I remember learning the origin for the phrase eye for eye tooth for tooth in social studies in 6 or 7th grade dont rlly remember but ye never knew that till then. Ty for chap 😀


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