Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 2]


Yunhua is not sure of the exact situation either, but in general, her late grandfather had saved Qi Zhiheng’s grandfather and hence had agreed to a marriage. All the documents were ready, it was just that it was never told to the public.

When 8th grade started, Yunhua who had just gotten news of this development was excited to the point of fanaticism!

After all, it is Qi Zhiheng senpai. The person that she had written countless pages of in her diary. Entries about his looks, entries about talented he is, entries about how much class he had and even more entries about how he was the one who saved her from her state of helplessness and shame, about how he was the one to give her the first bit of respect!

Not even in Yunhua’s wildest dreams would she be able to imagine a day where she and Qi Zhiheng would become engaged!

She must have saved the entire universe in one of her previous lives.

The previous her that had received the news was so happy she nearly passed out. Her entire mind was filled with thoughts of establishing this fact and letting everyone know that she is engaged to Qi Zhiheng, that she is the Qi Zhiheng’s fiance.

Even her dreams were about how many looks of jealousy she would receive from her fellow female schoolmates.

Just like the last time. Someone had sent her a friend request on qq. After checking the message was from Qi Zhiheng, she was full of excitement and accepted the friend request.

She then received these messages wanting to test if she was a spineless coward or if she had the courage and was worthy of being Qi Zhiheng’s fiance.

The test was to wear the set of sexy lingerie and wait in the gym equipment storeroom.

Qi Zhiheng had even said on qq that if she did not dare to come, then he will call off the marriage. Of course, there’ll be some monetary compensation to the Yun family.

How could she possibly care about money? This is Yunhua after all. She has been secretly crushing on Qi Zhiheng for who knows how long already.

With her mind focused on Qi Zhiheng, she agreed immediately. Not once did she question if it might be a trap

After changing into the lingerie, she put on her school dress and waiting until the 2nd night self-study session before sneaking off a little while before lesson ended, rushing to the storeroom.

She nervously took off her school uniform and reveal the lingerie beneath.

She hid in a cupboard in the storeroom, waiting for Qi Zhiheng. She waited and waited, nearly falling asleep a few times.

Suddenly, she heard footsteps.

Immediately she got nervous yet excited. It had to be Qi Zhiheng!

She bit down on her lips, trying her best to suppress the excitement on her face.

In the next second, the cupboard was opened from the outside.

The originally dark storeroom was now brightly lit, with all the lights turned on.

When Yunhua raised her head, she was stunned.

It was He Yuxiang… Behind him was a bunch of other students.

Classmates, senpais… Anyone you can think of was all there.

When they saw Yunhua, they started to mock her.

“Wow. Look at her, how shameless. Dressing up like that to meet He Yuxiang, who knows what inappropriate things are on her mind?”

“Exactly. She wants to be famous right? Come on, take pictures and put them on the school forum. I can already see the caption [Shameless girl wears sexy lingerie and asks to meet senpai at night]”

“Yeah, how classless. She’s been seen by everyone.”

“I heard she has a secret crush on Qi Zhiheng senpai. Look at her in this state, who knows just how disgusted Qi Zhiheng senpai feels.”

“Exactly! Exactly! Who knows if she is still pure, she probably has lost it already. I mean, just look at her, casually meet boys like this, how can you expect her to be anywhere near pure?”


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