Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 10]


Yunhua suppressed her emotions and picked up the phone.

“Yueyue? Why are you calling me at such a late time? Did something happened?”

Yunhua tried her best to act lighthearted like before, but she really could not ignore everything and had a bit of edge to her voice.

Xiao Ruyue probably would not notice given that she would probably be in shock now!

Heh. She must be thinking that Yunhua was trapped in the storeroom by Han Lulu and her friends so Yunhua been home as if nothing had happened would have come.

She must be thinking, “How could this be! She had planned it perfectly!”

That’s right. Xiao Ruyue was indeed very surprised, but she talked as if nothing happened.

“Huahua, when did you reach home?”

Xiao Ruyue had a very sweet voice like her mom. She had a natural born baby voice, attracting a lot of boys who just wanted to hear her speak to her side.

“I had a bit of a stomachache, so I left school early. I think I arrived… Maybe 10 minutes earlier than usual. Why?” Yunhua asked.

Xiao Ruyue was quiet for a moment before happily asking, “Your phone? I tried calling you but no one picked up.”

Yunhua quickly lowered her voice, “Quiet. Please don’t talk about it. I… lost the phone yesterday. I don’t even dare to tell my mom about it. If she knew about it, she’d skin me alive!”

“You dropped your phone?” Xiao Ruyue’s voice increased in pitch as if she was surprised.

To Yunhua though, that was due to Xiao Ruyue’s frustration.

If Yunhua had dropped her phone, then the person who logged onto qq was not Yunhua. After all, qq does not check the identity of the person using it!


Who was the person who went to the archive room?

Xiao Ruyue broke out in a cold sweat.

Yunhua was still running with her story, begging Xiao Ruyue.

“Yueyue, you must not tell Aunt Xiao ok? That phone was a gift from her. My dad didn’t allow me to bring it, but I did it anyway. Now… I lost it because of my stubbornness…”

“Don’t worry Huahua, I won’t tell anyone. You really came home before school ended?” Xiao Ruyue asked again as if he didn’t believe it.”

Yunhua nodded, “Yeah I did. By the way, have you recovered from your flu? Are you coming to school tomorrow?”

Xiao Ruyue had stayed home under the pretence that she was sick. So the previous Yunhua would not have guessed that it was Xiao Ruyue who was the mastermind, only thinking it’s Han Lulu who is at fault.

“Yeah. Anything else? If not, you should sleep earlier.”

Xiao Ruyue hanged up on the phone after a talking for a bit more. She did not even bother with her usual pleasantries.

Before this, Xiao Ruyue had always been very polite.  Before hanging up, she would always insist on greeting Yunhua mom after talking to Yunhua.

This change in attitude… Is Xiao Ruyue having a bad day?

Yunhua, on the other hand, was having a great day!

It seems like dropping her phone has its benefits too.

It is still kind of disappointing that she would lose the audio recordings.

Thinking about the recordings, her thoughts drifted to that guy.

From there, she remembered the feeling of the guy playing with her earlobes.

Damnit. If she ever gets the chance to meet the guy again, she swore to let him know that she was not a person to be messed with!

Still dare to act cool?

Just be careful if it backfires!


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