Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 11]


Next day morning, Yunhua went to school as per usual.

She had just entered the school gates when she was blocked by a crowd of people.

The person leading the crowd was Han Lulu.

Han Lulu’s eyes were still red as she angrily led a group of girls to block Yunhua.

“Is there a problem?” Yunhua frowned.

Han Lulu gritted her teeth laughing coldly, “Yunhua I have some questions for you, let’s go elsewhere to talk.

Finishing, Han Lulu turned around and started heading to the small forest in the school without caring if Yunhua agreed.

As for Han Lulu’s followers, they had almost carried her to the forest.


The forest is behind the school hostel. It is actually a hill with a lot of trees. The trees were not taken care of, so the foliage was very thick. This place was also known as the hill of lovers as there would always be couples hanging out here due to the low visibility and ease of escape if teachers do actually come.

Yunhua was carried into the forest and moved behind a big rock.

The floor was filled with cigarette butts.

Yunhua was shoved and ended up against the rock after staggering. The group of girls surrounded her, cutting off her route of escape.

Han Lulu walked over with hands across her chest, staring daggers with her red eyes.

“Yunhua, where were you last night?”

Yunhua frowned immediately, “You too? You and Xiao Ruyue asked the exact same question. I had a stomachache last night so I went home early.”

“Is that true?” Han Lulu laughed coldly.

Yunhua looked at Han Lulu with a face filled with confusion.

“Where else would I go? Why are you asking me this?”

Han Lulu squinted her eyes and asked, “Where is your phone?”

Yunhua froze again, “What with you, asking about my phone too. Xiao Ruyue asked me about my phone yesterday night too.”

Han Lulu also frowned, “Stop bullshitting. Where is your phone, take it out yourself before we search you.”

Yunhua clenched her fists and continued after a pause.

“I had lost my phone for 2 days already, I’m just scared my dad would scold me…”

“Lost it?”

Han Lulu’s voice became shrill all of a sudden. Her reaction is exactly the same as Xiao Ruyue’s last night!

“Of course. Have you seen me using my phone these few days?” Yunhua rolled her eyes before continuing, “You still haven’t told me yet. Why are you asking me so many questions? What did I do to offend you?”

Han Lulu’s gaze was dark and distant.

Ling Xiaoxiao went up to Han Lulu and softly said, “She doesn’t seem to be lying and I heard that the one she liked was Qi Ziheng……”

Han Lulu sneered and asked Yunhua, “Assuming all you said was real, then let me ask you again… Did you try to seduce He Yuxiang?”

Yunhua opened her eyes wildly, stomping her feet angrily.

“That’s bullshit! Utter bullshit! How could I be seducing He Yuxiang?”

“Then who do you like?” Han Lulu asked, “You better have some awareness. Don’t think you can go around stealing other people’s boyfriends just because you have a cute face! He Yuxiang is mine if you dare try anything…”

“Don’t get it wrong!” Yunhua seemed to be very anxious, “I’ve already liked someone else since a long time ago. I’m not interested in your He Yuxiang!”

“Isn’t it Qi Ziheng? What a joke. That’s Qi Ziheng, the most handsome and talented person in our school history that you’re speaking of… Who do you think you are? Why not look in the mirror? You’re biting off more than you can chew!” Han Lulu mercilessly poked fun at Yunhua.

Yunhua’s face reddened instantly as if she was outraged.

She shouted, “So what if I like him! Who is biting off more than she can chew? Hmpf, I’ll tell you this…”


“I am Qi Ziheng’s fiancee!”


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