Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 12]


Hearing Yunhua’s declaration, everybody froze.

Then they started laughing!

Han Lulu and Ling Xiaoxiao could barely remain standing from their laughter.

“Aiya Lulu, did you hear her? She said she’s Qi senpai’s fiancee, oh man this is killing me, hahaha. Qi senpai is handsome and kind. It was merely an act of kindness and she thinks that Qi senpai has feelings for her?” Ling Xiaoxiao was tearing up from laughter.

Han Lulu, however, had a face full of disdain.

She stared at Yunhua and said, “You are really full of yourself. As expected of a villager, you’re being overconfident. Do you have any idea what kind of family background Qi senpai has? Heh, and you still want to be his fiancee? Even the daughter of a caretaker working for the Qi family has more value than you!”

Yunhua was pissed!

She angrily shoved Han Lulu, shouting, “I am Qi senpai’s fiancee, you guys can go ask him if you don’t believe it!”

“Do you think we are stupid? That flu you got seems more than you thought, even your brain has gone bad haha!” Ling Xiaoxiao butted in, seeming as if she was enjoying the situation.

“You guys… Whatever, I will prove it to you!” Yunhua shoved Ling Xiaoxiao aside and ran away fuming.

Han Lulu and Ling Xiaoxiao did not pay attention to Yunhua pushing them, on the contrary, they didn’t care, they simply did not believe Yunhua at all.

It does sound like a joke. Yunhua’s dad was the boss of a small security company. Yunhua and her mom had just moved away from the village a few years back. What kind of family background would that count for? Sure it’s better than the average villager who comes out to work, but they are still villagers.

The Qi family was on a whole different level!

Just because they returned to Jiang Xi, one should not forget that the Qi family’s roots lie in the capital. Take Qi Ziheng’s uncle for example, he is a person who gets to make important decisions concerning an entire province!

The Qi family is an elite one, and Qi Ziheng is the oldest son, he definitely won’t be short of choices.

No matter what… There’s just no way that Yunhua has any chance!

“I think Yunhua is deluded. That said, she doesn’t seem like she would try to seduce He Yuxiang.” Ling Xiaoxiao pulled Han Lulu aside and whispered to her.

Han Lulu lightly nodded her head.

Ling Xiaoxiao hesitated a little before saying, “Lulu, yesterday night’s incident… It seems like it’s a setup. It can’t be a coincidence, right? That’s right, who told you that Yunhua was seducing He Yuxiang?”

Han Lulu clenched her teeth, “Xiao Ruyue.”

“Then… How did you know they were going to the archive room?” Ling Xiaoxiao asked again.

Han Lulu pursed her lips and her gaze sharpened.

“I heard that He Yuxiang talking on the phone with someone about going to the archive room……”

“Then, wouldn’t you know who it was if you checked the phone records?” Ling Xiaoxiao hurriedly said, “You suspect that Yunhua was trying to seduce He Yuxiang after coincidentally hearing someone call He Yuxiang, asking him to go to the archive room, so you brought people to try and catch her in action… Naturally, the outcome would be like this!”

Han Lulu gritted her teeth, “I’m so gonna kill the person when I find out who they are!”

“Anyways, I don’t think that it’s Yunhua. Just look at her obsession with Qi senpai. Plus, I don’t think He Yuxiang ever liked Yunhua. He has always liked gentle and graceful girls like you. Yunhua might be pretty, but she is from the countryside and lacks grace. How could He Yuxiang possibly like her?” Ling Xiaoxiao laughed.

He Yuxiang likes gentle and graceful girls?

A person came to Han Lulu’s mind. Xiao Ruyue… Doesn’t she fit the bill perfectly?

Moreover, He Yuxiang talks about Xiao Ruyue a lot doesn’t he?


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