Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 13]


On her way back to the classroom, Yunhua had to try her very best to suppress her smile.

Her seat was in the last row as no one was willing to sit with her.

Compared to her, Xiao Ruyue’s seat was the middle seat of the 3rd row, which happened to be the “Golden Location”.

Yunhua had just sat down when Xiao Ruyue walked over and joined her on her seat, sticking close to her.

“Huahua, why did you just arrive? I thought you would come early.” Xiao Ruyue smiled warmly.

Yunhua humphed, “I don’t know what’s wrong with Han Lulu. Getting harassed the moment I entered school. She wanted to know where I was, check my phone and she still wouldn’t believe me when I told her I lost it.”

Xiao Ruyue’s smile became stiff momentarily before she continued, “It’s best to stay clear of Han Lulu, her dad is the dean and our form teacher is her aunt too. If you do piss her off…”

“I didn’t do anything!” Yunhua was angry, “I didn’t do anything but she slandered me, saying I was trying to seduce He Yuxiang! Something is seriously wrong with her. I don’t even like He Yuxiang, why would I try to seduce him?!”

Xiao Ruyue blinked in surprise and exclaimed, “What?”

Yunhua humphed again before suddenly smiling and hugging Xiao Ruyue’s arm. “Yueyue, you’re my best friend, you should know who I like right?”

Xiao Ruyue’s smile was slightly stiff as she replied, “Of course, you like Qi senpai. Don’t worry about it, there are some girls who don’t like him but that’s normal.”

Yunhua fluttered her eyes and coyly said, “Yueyue, I have good news, I got to tell you about it or I’m gonna suffocate from the excitement!”

“Tell me about it.”

Yunhua upped her act, hesitating even more before moving close to Xiao Ruyue and whispering by her ears, “Yueyue, I only just knew about this a few days ago but it seems… It seems that my grandfather and Qi senpai’s grandfather had made an agreement in the past, setting up plans for me and Qi senpai to get married! That means I’m his fiancee!”

Xiao Ruyue’s face whitened while her forceful smile became stiffer as she tried her best to reply, “Is… Is that so?”

Yunhua was grinning from ear to ear, “Of course! Before school started, Qi senpai’s grandfather had even specially sent someone to my house to find my dad and mom to tell them about this! He said that both Qi senpai and I are too young right now, but once I’m 15, we’ll become engaged and then we can get married after we graduate!”

Xiao Ruyue had frozen completely.

Yunhua was oblivious to that, hugging Xiao Ruyue and trying to hide her excitement, “Yueyue, what do I do? I’m so excited and happy! I’ve been crushing on Qi senpai for the longest time but I’ve never imagined that I could be so lucky that I… That I would be engaged to Qi senpai! Ahhhhh! I’ve been so excited but I didn’t dare to tell anyone about it! Yueyue, why are you so quiet? Aren’t you happy for me too?”

Xiao Ruyue was speechless, at this moment, her heart was full of hatred!

On what grounds is Yunhua fit to be Qi senpai’s fiancee? Just what does she have to qualify her as Qi senpai’s fiancee?

It was at this moment that the door slammed open with a “BANG!”

Han Lulu was standing at the back of the class, shouting angrily, “Xiao Ruyue you bitch! Come out right now!”

Surprised by the commotion, the entire class turned to look towards the back, then at Xiao Ruyue.

Xiao Ruyue was gentle, graceful and generous. A class committee member that was liked by all the students. Did Han Lulu and Xiao Ruyue not have a good relationship? If so, then what was the fuss about?


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