Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 14]


Xiao Ruyue acted innocent.

“Luoluo, what happened? Did someone make you angry?” Xiao Ruyue smiled sweetly and asked with a gentle voice.

Seeing her act all innocent enraged Han Luoluo.

She thought back to the previous night where she had bought a bunch of students to the

Archive Room to catch Yun Hua. Who could foresee that it was her dad and aunt that she would be catching…

Even though her dad had called each student to his office and had them promise to remain silent about the incident, that did not and could not change the looks that Han Luoluo got from her classmates.

She could not stand it at all!

All these were part of Xiao Ruyue’s plan!

The person who He Yuxiang likes is Xiao Ruyue but Xiao Ruyue lied to her, saying that it was Yunhua that He Yuxiang liked. She even went so far asA to say that Yunhua was seducing He Yuxiang and even sent her to catch them.

In the end, she caught her dad and aunt instead of Yunhua!


Han Luoluo was full of rage when she thought back to the scene last night!

Then, her anger only intensified after looking at Xiao Ruyue’s sweet smile.

She strode across to Xiao Ruyue and grabbed her by her hair!


Slap! Slap! Slap!


Han Luoluo violently started slapping Xiao Ruyue!

Everyone was stunned!

Even Xiao Ruyue was shocked. Tears appeared in her eyes as she looked at Hao Luoluo with fear and innocent. As she tried her best to avoid the blows, she kept trying to justify her innocence.

“Luoluo, you must have mistaken something…”


“What are you doing! You can’t just hit someone for no reason!” Yuhua stood up quickly and rushed to shield Xiao Ruyue.

Yuhua stared at Han Luoluo angrily.

In response, Han Luoluo only snickered coldly and continued yanking on Xiao Ruyue’s hair.

“Still treating her as your best friend and protecting her? Heh, don’t you know who was the one who told me that you were seducing He Yuxiang? Who else but her!”

Yuhua froze.

She looked at Han Luoluo and kept on shaking her head.

“That’s impossible, I’m sure! Yueyue knows who I like, how could she possibly tell you that I was seducing He Yuxiang! Yueyue, say something!”

Xiao Ruyue just sniffled and did not answer the question.

“Luoluo, you must have mistaken something…”

All she could do was keep on repeating the same sentence over and over.


“Mistaken?” Han Luoluo gritted her teeth, “You told me that Yunhua was seducing He Yuxiang. You even told me that she and He Yuxiang were meeting up in the archive room last night… And what was the truth? The one seducing He Yuxiang is you! You had everyone fooled that you and Yunhua were good friends when you were backstabbing her!”

“I didn’t…” Xiao Ruyue kept shaking her head with tears in her eyes, looking weak and pitiful.

“Fuck me. Who are you acting for?” Han Luoluo laughed coldly, “acting nice and kind when in reality you’re sly and rotten to the core! How about I tear apart your face? See how you can seduce people after that!”

Finishing, she moved to punch Xiao Ruyue’s face.


At this moment, He Yuxiang, who has just come into the classroom, roared and rushed towards Han Luoluo!

He slapped Han Luoluo hand away and shoved her away.

She staggered backwards and slammed against the back door of the classroom.

Then He Yuxiang went to comfort Xiao Ruyue.

He Yuxiang looked at the crying Xiao Ruyue, he didn’t know what to do but his rage was only growing by the second.


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