Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 15]


Looking at the pitiful Xiao Ruyue, He Yuxiang was really pissed off.

He turned and stared coldly at Han Luoluo.

“Are you crazy? What’s your problem!”

Criticism from anyone else wouldn’t matter to Han Luoluo, but this is He Yuxiang!

She loves him so much, but not only is he protecting the witch, Xiao Ruyue, but even scolding her!

Han Luoluo bit her lips, feeling wronged…

Then, she started arguing with He Yuxiang.

“This bitch told me that you and Yuhua were dating in the Archive Room so I brought a crowd over last night. All because of her! Yuxiang, don’t get tricked by her! This is all an act!”

“You shut up!” He Yuxiang shouted, “I think you need to wake up from your dream. Get back to your seat or get out. Otherwise, don’t blame me if what happened last night leaks out!”

“He Yuxiang!” Han Luoluo’s eyes widened in shock as she looked at He Yuxiang in disbelief.

Damnit, she didn’t expect that he would use last night’s happenings to threaten her in order to protect Xiao Ruyue.

Yet, she had no choice.

There was no way she could let what happened last night leak out. Her dad had just barely managed to silence everyone after so much trouble. If it did leak out, her dad and aunt’s reputation would be ruined!

Also… Her mom would be deeply affected, causing her already weak body to deteriorate further…

Han Luoluo bit down on her lips hard and looked at He Yuxiang with disappointment and pain.

However, she chose to bear with it and returned to her seat.

As for Xiao Ruyue’s side, He Yuxiang was carefully comforting her.

“Han Luoluo and her bad temper… Come, let me bring you to freshen up.”

Xiao Ruyue wiped her tears and smiled at He Yuxiang, “Don’t blame Luoluo, it’s my fault that she misunderstood. Don’t worry, I’ll go with Huahua. Huahua, could you follow me to the toilet?”

He Yuxiang also looked towards Yunhua.

Yunhua could only look at Xiao Ruyue with confusion. She pursed her lips as if struggling to get the mind straight.

“Yueyue, I… You know how I am, was what Han Luoluo said true? Why would you tell her that I like He Yuxiang? You know very clearly who I like!”

He Yuxiang frowned remembering the hints that Xiao Ruyue made about that. However, he has always liked Xiao Ruyue and thought that was being very obvious already!

Xiao Ruyue quickly shook her head.

“Huahua, Luoluo must have mistaken something. I’ve never said that since I know that it’s Qi senpai that you like…”

Yunhua still looked confused and nodded hesitantly.

Xiao Ruyue sighed in relief. She didn’t ask again and just headed to the toilet alone. What she didn’t realise was the stare from Yunhua that was full of hatred that.

Yunhua sat on her seat and smirked.

The Xiao Ruyue in her previous life was a good girl in everyone’s eyes. Gentle, graceful and kind. To the class, Xiao Ruyue was particularly nice to Yunhua. No matter what trouble Yunhua got into or even after all the nasty rumours spread, Xiao Ruyue was the only one who continued being nice to Yunhua.

Everyone liked Xiao Ruyue, so they sided with her when the conflict between Yunhua and Xiao Ruyue happened.

This time, the mask of kindness that Xiao Ruyue wears has already being peeled away a little.

At least, Han Luoluo knows how Xiao Ruyue truly is like…

Yunhua smiled lightly.


Ruyue… The show has barely started!

To steal Qi Zhiheng from Yunhua… It’s nowhere as easy as you think!


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