Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 16]


The form teacher, Liao Yonghong, took time off.

Supposedly, it was two months of rest to recover from a sickness.

As such, the teacher of the next class, Xiao Qiuci, would be taking over.


If you were to ask anyone who is the most beautiful teacher of Nan Xi Middle School, the answer would no doubt be Xiao Qiuci!

Given Xiao Qiuci’s mannerism, she seemed more like a famed celebrity than a middle school teacher.

Her daughter, Xiao Ruyue, also had the same demeanour. The was the result of growing up under the same expectations that people have for her mother.

Any student would start singing praises if asked about their opinion of Xiao Ruyue.

Words like gentle, kind and elegant are all synonymous with Xiao Ruyue!

Yunhua’s goal is to tear away the masks of kindness that Xiao Qiuci and Xiao Ruyue wear.

No way is she going to allow her and her mother’s life to be destroyed by those two again!


“Students, lessons will start now. Teacher Liao is uncomfortable and is on leave. The school has decided to have me take over for the time being.” Xiao Qiuci was standing on the podium, wearing a black and white patterned cheongsam. It was so beautiful that people could not take their eyes off her. “I don’t have any experience in being a form teacher, please do take care of me.”

Having such a gentle and beautiful teacher ask the students to take care of her proved to win the hearts of the students instantaneously.

The class burst into enthusiastic applause.

In front of the gentle Xiao Qiuci, the original troublemakers seemed almost shy and didn’t cause any trouble at all!


“In two more weeks, the autumn sports meeting of our school will begin. This year’s sports meeting is of unprecedented scale and even there will be reporters. The rewards for winning are also unprecedented… Of course, the reward is secondary. The most important thing is to defend the honor of our class!”

Xiao Qiuci smiled. “I hope that every student will prepare well and sign up to achieve the highest glory for our class. Is everyone confident?”

“Yes!” The whole class shouted, full of enthusiasm.

“That’s great! I’ll also put this out there. Any student who places top three in any event gets treated to a meal by me!”

The whole class was even more excited and started cheering.

Yunhua was going to participate in the school sports meeting too, but she’s not doing so for Xiao Qiuci, she is in it for herself!

In the last life, when Yunhua was about to participate in the National Middle School Swimming Championship, Xiao Ruyue broke her legs and ended her swimming dreams.

This time round, she will not allow anyone to destroy her dreams!

This school sports meeting marks a new starting point for her life!


After school, Yunhua did not wait for Xiao Ruyue as usual but walked home alone.

She still has things to do!


Dad will soon divorce her mother. Her mother has no education and in the past two years in Jiangxi City, she’s just been a housewife and has not gone out to find a job.

Once divorced, her mother will have to give up custody of Yunhua to her father because of she has nothing!

In this life, Yunhua will not allow the same events to happen!

Even if Dad and Mom are divorced, she will definitely choose to be with her mother. Of course, that could only happen if she has money!

Now her mother doesn’t know anything and still loves her father. Yunhua can’t possibly tell her mother the truth. There is no way her mother will believe her!

So, Yunhua was going to get the money herself!


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4 thoughts on “Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 16]

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  2. Yunhua should just get rid of her father, sorry (not sorry) this sound very hurtful for her mother, but in case because looking in her past her father was pretty much affectionately influenced toward Xiao Qiuci. Thus, it imply his love and consciousness was not there for her mother in beginning. A foly. But, probably in this life could be different, do not know ,yet, shall see.


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