Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 17]


Yunhua’s father, Yun Congjun, came to Jiangxi City to work while Yunhua was still in Primary School.

He contacted a lot of army veterans and set up a security company.

The company had a shaky start. Yun Congjun was very busy and had no time to take care of Yunhua and her mother.

It was only until two years ago that Yun Congjun brought Yunhua and her mother to Jiangxi City, reuniting the family.


Back in the countryside, Yunhua’s grandmother favoured boys over girls and didn’t like Yunhua at all. As for Yunhua’s mother, Jiang Huan Qing… She was bullied frequently as she didn’t have any family members. However, for Yunhua’s sake, Jiang Huan Qing silently endured everything.

However, Jiang Huan Qing’s never compromised on Yunhua’s education. Together with Yunhua’s natural talent, she is frequently top of the school!

When they were reunited with Yunhua’s dad, Yun Congjun, they originally thought that moving out of the countryside and away from Yunhua’s grandmother would lead to a better life.

The previous Yunhua could never imagine how her life would become a living hell bit by bit!


Originally, Yunhua had excellent grades. After falling for Xiao Ruyue’s scheme, she lost her reputation with the teachers and students. No matter where she went, people pointed at her and avoided her.


It wasn’t just her reputation. Same goes for her achievements.

After the engagement with Qi Zhiheng was called off, then the mother and her father got divorced. Suffering these blows, Yunhua became extremely depressed and no longer had the will to study.


The last straw was the National Middle School Swimming Championship where Xiao Ruyue broke her leg. The surgery could not help her recover fully, so she couldn’t walk properly ever since, much less participate in a swimming competition.


Yunhua became wasted, both psychologically and physically.

It might seem that it was the end of the road. Despite her refusal to leave her room, Yunhua’s talent still found an opportunity to shine.


She spent her time online all the time reading novels, and then she came up with the idea of ​​writing novels.

Her writing skill was great, and she has been on a streak ever since.

Originally, it was just a way to vent her emotions. Who could imagine that Yunhua actually managed to come up with a bestseller!

Her first novel was a hit and it was published by publishers!

As a result, she earned a generous licensing fee!

At that time, Yunhua found motivation once again. While she could not continue swimming, she could write novels and become a writer!


Yunhua wrote day and night, pumping out books one at a time. In just over a year, she had already garnered massive popularity on the internet!

Yunhua could never imagine that Xiao Ruyue would be there to ruin her last chance!


When she just started, she realised that she couldn’t sign the contract if she was under 18 years old. At that time, she didn’t think much about it and used her father’s ID card directly since she didn’t expect much from it.

The truth was that the website has a plan for minors, which requires the identity card of the guardian to create the account of the underage author.

However, Yunhua follow this step of procedures, but directly signed the contract using the ID card of her father, Yun Congjun! In other words, from the website’s perspective, the pen name of this famous writer belongs to Yun Congjun!


Then, through various tricks, Xiao Ruyue got Yun Congjun to contact the website to explain the situation. He said that the pen name actually belongs to his daughter, Yun Ruyue and that she used his ID card as she was not 18 years old when signing the contract!

Because of this, the website re-signed a new contract with Yun Congjun and Xiao Ruyue.

As a result, the book that Yunhua poured her heart and soul into as well as the famous pen name became Xiao Ruyue’s!


Since then, Yunhua did not get a single penny out of the books or the pen name!

With this, Xiao Ruyue took away Yunhua’s last glimpse of hope!


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2 thoughts on “Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 17]

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  2. This is fucking rediculous, very weakly written every other novel of this sort have aspects that are believble unlike this one.
    Harassed, bullied by teachers and students alike (don’t believe it)
    No punishment for breaking someone’s legs (don’t believe it)
    Having story stolen by step sister and father (do t believe it)
    Being tortured just because she could be (don’t believe it)


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