Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 18]


Yunhua couldn’t help but cover her face with her hands.



Not a chance!


As of now, nothing has happened yet and she will not let her life become that hell again.

She needs to finish all the preparation before those tragedies occur.


It was 2006 and computers were starting to become common. While the students in the rural areas might only see them in school and at net cafes, the students in the cities would typically have one at home.

The novels now were still relatively simple, unlike the scene 10 years later. In just 10 years, the numbers of genres have increased massively, with all sorts of weird plots.

In short, while the writing skills of the current authors were better, the plot was not as complex.

For example, the “reborn” genre which has just started becoming popular now would become a cliched genre 10 years later.

Yunhua decided to start her first novel in the [Reincarnated in the Qing Dynasty] genre that would become massively popular a few years later.


Reaching home, Yunhua’s mother had already prepared dinner.

“Aren’t you going for the night study session?” she asked.

Yunhua shook her head and replied, “I’ll be studying at home, it’s too noisy in school.”

Her mother remained silent and not questioning her decision.


For Nanxi Middle School, the nightly self-study sessions were only compulsory in the third year. This is especially true for students like Yunhua who are performing well in their studies.

Yunhua does not want to nor could she afford to waste time.


Going back to her room, Yunhua quickly finished her homework and did some revision.

A good education is the foundation of everything! She’s not going to give up her studies just because she starts to write a novel.

Luckily, Yunhua has a good foundation to begin with. Combined with her extraordinary memory, the content of the second year was a breeze for her.

However, she was never arrogant and continued to put in consistent effort.


First, she focused on mathematics, physics and english. Then, she took out the “Synchronized Practice” book issued by the school. As she went on page by page, she answered all the questions carefully.

Concentrated, Yunhua was highly efficient. In two hours, she had finished all the homework she has given herself!


Standing up, Yunhua stretched before taking out a new diary and started preparing for the novel!

Her mother Jiang Huan Qing gently knocked on the door and brought a cup of milk in. Seeing the exercise book placed on Yunhua’s table, Jiang Huan Qing decided not to bother her daughter and went out again.

Yunhua drank milk and started to move.


While writing a novel is not the same as writing an essay, but they both need to be outlined!


The first is the subject matter. She had already decided to go with the [Reincarnated in the Qing Dynasty] genre so she should start thinking about the plot.

The name and introduction of a novel are very important too.

Then, comes the beginning of the novel!

A good beginning will often attract a lot of readers. However, there’s no rush for that during the outlining stage.

The task Yunhua has today was to flesh out the characters.

Characters like the female lead, the male lead, and the various supporting role in the novel. Details like their name, age, gender, appearance, interest preferences, etc…


Within a few years, this genre would become a cliche. For Yunhua who has years of experience from reading this genre, she had more than enough things in her mind to write.

It was as if Yunhua had become a god with a pen!


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  2. I like how the reborn MC is only using a soon to be popular genre for her own story instead of just plagiarizing it from future authors.
    But if she’s to become a bestselling author in the future, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with plagiarizing her own work, in other words, writing it earlier, right?

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