Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 19]


Knock knock.


Her mother, Jiang Huan Qing, knocked on the door gently before entering the room.

“It’s almost 12 now, why are you still up?”

Yun Hua paused and look at the diary which was packed with words. She stood up and stretched before turning around to hug her mother, clinging to her like a koala.

“Mum, why are you awake too? I’ll go to sleep now.”

“Your dad is working overtime so I’m waiting for him. You should sleep first since you have to wake up early tomorrow.”


Yun Hua frowned.


No way he would need to overtime at this time!

It is only the start of September, not the holiday season, the work at the security company would just be normal daily work, not needing him to overtime.


Yun Hua didn’t need to think much before concluding that her dad must be with Xiao Qiu Ci and Xiao Ru Yue.

Looking at her mother, Yun Hua felt her heart ache.

“Why is dad always on overtime.” Yun Hua started complaining, “Mom, you should also put in some makeup. This isn’t the countryside, people here care a lot more about appearance. Just being clean isn’t enough, you need style and looks too! You’d look so much better with some simple makeup… Aren’t you afraid that dad will fall for someone else with all the young and pretty girls out there?”

“What are you saying!” Jiang Huan Qing glared at Yun Hua, “I trust your dad, he’s not that kind of person. Quickly go and sleep, stopping wasting your time with these useless thoughts!”

While her heart ached, Yun Hua watched her mom leave. Her mom was so kind and has always trusted her dad.


She should not be treated like this!

This is all her dad, Yun Cong Jun’s fault.

Men who have affairs… None of them are any good!

Furthermore, for his illegitimate daughter, Xiao Ru Yue, he would treat Yun Hua in unimaginable ways!

After her mom left, Yun Hua organised the character and plotline she had written down on the diary before placing them in the drawer. Only then, did she go to sleep.

She intends to wake up early to go running! This was training to get herself into shape as preparation for the sports meet!


At 5 am, Yun Hua woke up.

After driving some water, she started running to school.

In summer, the sky would start brightening at 5 am. There were a lot of elderlies working out in the morning. While 5 am was a little early, there were still people on the street.

To protect herself, Yun Hua had placed a steel rod in her bag. At this time, Taobao was still lacking, otherwise, she could have bought pepper spray!

Yun Hua ran the entire way to school. Reality proved that no one would be so unlucky as to meet bad guys in normal situations unless someone was plotting to harm you.

Yun Hua ran to the school and continued running a few rounds around the track.

She did not run quickly as she was only restoring her body’s familiarity and memory of exercise.


After washing her face, she returned to the classroom, only to be greeted by a noisy classroom.

The monitor Li Si Xian, Sports Committee member He Yu Xiang, Learning Committee member Xiao Ru Yue were recording the sports meet attendance record.

They had no problems on the boy’s side, but that was not the case for the girls.

It was easy to find people for the 100m, 200m sprint and the various leaping events. However, no one was willing to take part in the 800m, 1.5km and even 3km running events.


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4 thoughts on “Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 19]

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  2. I love this story so much thanks for translating it. I was hesitant to read it at first but once I did, I couldn’t put it down even to comment thanks.


  3. Thank you for translating! I am enjoying reading the story!

    One thing I saw:
    “After driving some water, she started running to school.”
    I think it needs to be changed to drinking.


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